Richard Riverin has been one of ArtExpo's New York best selling artist every year for the last 12 years. His heavy textured paintings never cease to excite the admiration
and envy of all art lovers and artists.

Born in 1942 in Quebec city, he got a bachelor degree from Sherbrooke University. He started a specialty coatings manufacture in Montreal and sold it to buy his first art
gallery in Laval, suburb of Montreal QC.
What makes people fall in love with Riverin’s paintings?

The play of light? The magnificent color harmony? The rich-looking texture? The soft shine of his paintings that will last forever? The diversity of his compositions? The
uniqueness of his visions, of his technique?

Riverin’s answer is: it is more than the above mentioned; it is the connection! People who own one of my paintings sense it every day; they sense a connection to my worlds,
my dreams, a connection to a superior universe.

In his third hard cover art book, Riverin Modern Impressions Book 3, you can read a few short stories: “The Perpendicular World”, “One Step to Eden”, “Meeting with God”
(that one is stunning!) and “The Notebook”.

Riverin is also a published novelist and author of “Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story” trilogy.

USA and Canadian galleries selling his work: Keywest gallery, FL – Magnolia Gallery, GA – Paul Robinson Art, GA – La Belle Image, SC – Mary Martin Galleries, SC –
Chasen Gallery, VA, Vail Fine Art, CO – Breckenridge Fine Art, CO – Rider Gallery, NY – Maser Gallery, PA – Art Source, NC – Robert Paul Gallery, VT – Atlas galleries, IL
– Mooney galleries, TX – Zantman Galleries, CA – Liss Gallery, ON – Galerie 2000, QC – Galerie Saint-Paul, QC and more
Blossoming 30'' x 40''