“Oooh my God! Thank you so much.” He said offering me his hand. I shook it, wishing him comfort silently and something happened…I felt it; some kind of
energy flew from my body to his. The elderly waiter sensed an incredible amount of energy being transferred to him. I waited a moment and then freed his
The elderly waiter looked at me in awe.
“Thank you for the tip and what you just did to me. May I ask you a question?”
“Yes go ahead.”
“Are you guys, angels, or aliens? Your hand is hard as stone; you ate so much and it doesn’t show; and now you gave me some weird energy…and you
look so powerful…”
“Yesterday, we were still humans.” I replied. “We are now being changed into some kind of super beings; it is a long story. Please keep what you saw and
what I said confidential.”
“I will.” He promised as we left the restaurant.
“That spaceship,” Lise commented as she was driving us back, “you must be dying of curiosity to find it and have a look at it. And I do too. Any idea how
we will find it?”
“I have no clue yet but something tells me that once we are ready, once we have reached most of our powers, we will find it easily. I also have a foreboding
thought that it might well be dangerous to find it now.”
“Then, let’s take our time; let’s not rush anything for now.”
We returned to the condo, took a shower and went to bed where we made love eagerly, and it was good; it had been years since last time for we had both
lost interest in it but now we felt young again and the hormones were there.
“I wonder,” I said, “if we will retain any sexual urge once our cells will be totally transformed. What we had tonight might have been a last call.”
“You know what?” Lise said, “I have the intuition that the Emissaries planned this urge to mate. What if they set me up so that I get pregnant one last time
before our cells get totally transformed?”
“Wow! That would be fantastic I would love to have a baby in the house again and this intuition of yours might have been enhanced already to an ability to
foresee the future.”
“The idea just fleeted in my mind,” she replied, “just like a message from someone or from those organic robots that are working on our cells.”
“Now that you spoke about it, I have this weird intuition too. I believe you might be right and I would not be surprised a bit if the baby comes out in record
time;” I commented “let’s make a bet…I would say one month at the most.”
“Because we are still too vulnerable. We got to be transformed as quickly as possible. We are legacy, a legacy given to Earth by the Emissaries and they
surely planned it to last.”
“Then we got to be prudent in whatever we do,” Lise said, “We got to stay here until the transformation is complete. No airline flight for the moment or long
distance driving; let’s just wait it out in maximum security.”
“Yes, let’s do that but for now, I need to do some exercise; what about you?” I replied.
“Yes Richard, let’s go jogging on the beach.”
We put on our bathing suits and went to the beach. It was nighttime dark there but we already had a much better vision and we went jogging side by side at
an easy twenty-five miles an hour speed. When we were back in front of the parking lot, we did all kind of workout in the sand and finally went back to the
We immediately went to bed and in moments only we were sound asleep.
“My God, you have a little bulge already; your intuition was right, you are pregnant.” I said a few mornings later.
“Only four days after we made love Richard; at that speed I will have them before the end of next week.”
We had not mated since that last call, experiencing zero sexual urges; but we felt incredibly vital, bursting with energy. I had not opened the gallery since I
found out I was a billionaire. We had spent most of our time, at the municipal library or at the condo reading and learning all we could about a great variety
of subjects. I was reading and learning at an incredible speed remembering everything. I could rewrite an entire page of an 800 pages book on chemistry
the following day and I would not miss a word.
I started with Chemistry to catch up with the seventy years of new discoveries since I received my bachelor degree at Sherbrooke University. Beside, I had
forgotten much of what I had learned. Now I didn’t need a teacher; I could understand everything I read; it all looked so simple. I just had to glance at a page
and I could remember everything that was written on that page and I could understand all the complex formulas.
Lise was reading about history, ancient and recent. She wanted to acquire the ability to forecast coming events since history has a way to repeat itself over
and over again with slight changes, here and there. It took her just two days before she switched into political sciences. Now she was going through a
number of Law books.
We did not sleep, we did not need it anymore; so we worked out, we jogged, we ate a lot and we read all day long.
We went to the driving range. I showed Lise the technique I had developed over the years that had helped me maintain a low handicap in spite of my back
pain and old age.
She caught it up quickly and we hit a few hundred balls with our irons. We were hitting our long irons over three hundred yards when we switched to our
metal woods, ending the practice with our drivers. We didn’t know how far we were hitting them for our balls were falling way past the last driving range
flag. I estimated my longest drives to be about six hundred yards.
Then we went to the first tee to play a game where the starter matched us with another twosome; two guys, businessmen, in their forties.
“Hi, my name is Richard and this is Lise.” I said offering my hand.
“Hi, I am Robert, nice to meet you.”
“Hi, I am Charles, nice to meet you.”
We shook hands with them making sure we were not squeezing it. They were both tall and seemed to me in top shape.
In our case, it was hard to guess our age; Lise looked to be in her late thirties and seven to eight months pregnant. In my case, I still had a few lines in my
face, very thick golden hair and the body of a young super athlete.
“We are playing the blues, sixty eight hundred yards, what about you?” Charles asked.
“We will play the back tees, the gold.” I replied, noticing his surprised expression.
“What’s your handicap?” Robert asked suddenly very interested.
“Lise doesn’t have an handicap since she never played more than a few holes and that was years ago. But we just practiced for a couple of hours so she
should do well. In my case, I used to be a low handicap but I have the feeling that I will be hot today.”
Lise went to the back tee and hit an incredibly long drive. It was a six hundred yards long par five and she hit it at fifty yards from the green.
It was very funny to watch Charles and Robert expression as they witnessed the impossible. I followed up with a perfect drive on the green, a six hundred
yards drive…
Their facial expression was changing from incredulity to the beginning of fear. They were businessmen, down to Earth guys, who wouldn’t accept
unexplainable and impossible events. I also guessed that these two guys were atheists.
“Don’t take it hard guys,” I said, “we aren’t ordinary people, I will admit that; but we were born from ordinary people like you. Besides that, we are very
friendly and happy.”
“But what you both did is impossible.” Charles said.
“It was impossible until now, I will admit that,” I replied happily, “but things are changing aren’t they? Many of the things we do today would have been
considered as miracles two thousand years ago. Advanced technology was used to improve our bodies; that’s all. We are guinea pigs, the first ones ever
enhanced through that advanced technology.”
I didn’t mention that the people that enhanced our bodies were the characters of my fiction novels though.
“Astounding!”  “Incredible!” “Awesome!” Were the comments of our two golf partners as the game went through. We finished the game with respective
scores of 51 and 60.
“You have played an awesome game Lise, 60, 12 under par, and this was your first eighteen holes ever.” I commented.
“You did even better, Richard! It was a very pleasant experience we ought to do it again.”
We shook hands again with our golf partners and wished them best of luck. They had played in the seventies both of them and they were very happy of their
own performances. They were also relishing in advance the golf story they were going to tell to all their friends.
Three weeks have passed now since I found the floating note telling me that I had been given the fountain of youth. My body had changed every day, getting
firmer, then heavier and stronger. My teeth had grown back in the first three days. It took less than twenty-four hours for my hair to form a very dense golden
brown mane. I asked Alicia to give me a haircut but the scissors would not cut. She tried our two scissors and the electric clipper but she could not cut even
one hair. So I had to make a ponytail in the back of my neck. Fortunately the hair stop growing and the length was just right to give me an artist look.
I was looking like a very handsome Hollywood actor in his twenties. My body was thin, perfectly shaped without the bulging masses of a weight lifter and yet
I looked extremely strong and fit. All those pounds of meat and vegetable had been transformed into whatever the organic robots were transforming my
cells to.
One day, I checked my weight with our bathroom scale and the needle went right off the limit. I took it again on a bigger scale at the grocery store; it also
went right off the six hundred pounds limit. On an impulse, I tried to weigh less and I saw the needle go down. I kept trying and it went right down to zero. My
God! I thought as I started to levitate over the scale. I checked if there was anyone seeing me, there was no one. I went a little higher and then I tried to
induce some weight and I fell down hard on the scale.
“So now you are about to tell me that you can fly?” Lise asked half seriously.
She had been waiting for me when she saw me going for the scale.
“You know what?” I replied, “I might be able to when I get the knack of it. But for now, I just wanted to find out how come I ate about six hundred pounds of
meat and vegetables in the past three weeks and nothing came out. The organic robots must have transformed all of it and that’s why I am so heavy. Why
don’t you try it too?”
She went on the scale and found out that she was five hundred and sixty pounds heavy; she weighted less than I; she tried to be lighter to no avail.
“I guess, I am a little behind you in my transformation.” She said, “Perhaps the organic robots are waiting for me to give birth before final transformation.”
“It makes sense and I wouldn’t be surprised if you give birth in the next two or three days, judging by the speed at which your belly got to the present size.”
“What name will we give them?” She asked with a smile.
“Them? You mean you have twins? A boy and a girl?”
“Yes, a boy and a girl and I sense their presences right now.” She replied.
“Wow! Twins! Just like last time. That is incredible and marvelous. I am so anxious to have them. Now about the name, let’s see…what about Emiss and
Arries? After all the Emissaries gave them to us. This way if we call them, Emiss, Arries come here…we will be calling for our unmet friends.”
“Richard, you are so brilliant and yet so crazy; I wonder how you managed to write this trilogy.”My sweetheart replied.
“The trilogy was crazy, I will admit that. It would have never won a literary award but God liked it and he created these parallel universes where my
characters live. The whole situation is the craziest we could ever imagine. Could you ever imagine we were to become superman and superwoman and
now we will have a legacy, our children will most probably be transformed into super beings in turn and if I follow the logic of those emissaries, their true
transformation will not happen before our boy get a woman pregnant and our girl gets pregnant. Many generations later, there will be thousands of us
protecting Earth people from self-destruction or alien invasion. That’s the legacy the Emissaries gave us sweetheart.”
“All right” Lise concluded, “Emiss and Aries (Harry’s); that’s rather cute and unique; that will be their name then.”
We walked into the grocery and bought a few hundred pounds of meat and vegetable but I didn’t select anything for myself. I wasn’t hungry, neither was I
thirsty, I just felt extremely energetic and comfortable. We came back home where I prepared and served a huge meal to Alicia.
I ate nothing nor drank anything that night. We watched the news and then went back to our intensive reading. We had a thirst for knowledge, a newly
discovered passion that could be only explained by the fact that we understood everything we read; even the most complicated mathematical or chemical
reactions and we remembered everything we read. It was like we suddenly had a computer in our body with unlimited memory bank.
Lise went on eating every two hours, filling herself with huge amount of food. As for myself, I did not eat anything and didn’t feel any hunger.
“I think I will have the babies now.” Lise said next morning. “Shouldn’t we go to the hospital so that our babies get birth certificates and American
“You are right, let’s go.”
We went to the nearest hospital and once there, Lise was taken to her room. A short time later a female doctor came for an examination and Lise let go at
that moment. The doctor didn’t have much to do; the first baby came out; the doctor pulled her out, the baby took her first breath and smiled with all her
teeth flashing. Then came Aries, he also took a deep breath and smiled happily.
The doctor called a nurse and moments later the umbilical ropes had been cut and the babies were in Alicia’s arm.
“I have never seen babies coming out so easily, taking their first breath without a slap, their eyes wide open and smiling to the world. Besides that, I have
never seen babies with teeth.” Said the good doctor.
“Thank you doctor,” Lise said, “if you could just fill up the birth certificates, we would like to return to the condo immediately.”
“But this is not the normal procedure, “the good doctor replied, “We always keep the babies for observation for a few days and the mother for a minimum of
twenty-four hours in case of any complication.”
“I will be more than happy to sign a discharge of any responsibility to you and the hospital and Richard will hand you a check of $20,000.00 for your good
services as well as another check of the same amount to the hospital for our one hour stay.”
I pulled out the checkbook from my suitcase, filled the checks up and handed them over to the good doctor.
“Here they are,” I said, “please make it easy for us. As you can see the mother is in top shape, as well as the babies.”
“Well, let me check first the babies pulse and blood pressure; I also have to take the placenta out and do a proper examination of the mother.”
“Go ahead doctor; please do whatever you have to do.”
The doctor took the babies pulse and their blood pressure; looked at their eyes and mouth.
“The babies are in perfect condition.” She said.
Then she looked at Lise intimate part.
“You are hard as stone,” the good doctor said trying to get to the placenta. “There is no blood; the umbilical ropes I knotted are gone. What in the world is
happening here?”
“My body pulled the umbilical ropes back and transformed them as well as the placenta into useful cells,” Lise said, “there is nothing to worry about; we
have been enhanced to superman level through the use of advanced technology and we would like you to keep that confidential.”
The good doctor was silent not knowing what to do.
“My body is firming up very rapidly now that the babies are safely out,”Lise said, “and if you would like an additional proof, please try to give me an
The doctor did not move for a moment then took a syringe and tried to inject a calming drug in Alicia’s arm. The needle broke. The doctor took another one
and tried again and the needle broke again.
“You see, there is nothing you can do for me, since you can’t even perforate my skin and you don’t need to do anything; Richard can certainly take care of
me if there would be a need to do something.”
“All right, I will do the paperwork and be back in a few minutes.” The good doctor said as she left the room.
Twenty minutes later we were back to the car with the two babies. We stopped at the grocery to buy some milk and baby food and quickly went back to the
condo to feed them.
The day after, I left for my meeting with Mr. Haverty at the Marriott hotel. I didn’t know what he looked like but I thought I would know when I get there.
They were sitting in the restaurant and a look at them instantly told me which one was Haverty. I had been attentive to the people body language for many
years and now with my perfect vision and an enhanced brain, it was much easier.
“Hi Mr. Haverty.”
“Hi Mr. Riverin.” He replied. “You have changed since last time but there is that unmistakable aura that identifies you.”
We went through the agenda and I approved and signed all the already prepared documents.
“So I am the main shareholder of that electric car company that owns the new Zion batteries technology.” I commented.
“Yes and it is taking over the market that was lost by the big three car manufacturers when they went under. It will probably become the biggest and the
richest company in the United States.” Mr. Haverty said with much enthusiasm.
“Can I fire the president and replace him if I wish to?” I asked.
“Certainly, you can do that at the annual shareholders meeting.” Mr. Haverty replied hesitantly.
“Don’t worry, I don’t have such intention; I just wanted to know in case I decide to modify the company’s orientation or add a line of flying cars with
antigravity engines.”
“That technology doesn’t exist yet.” Mr. Haverty said. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if you bring it up. That might well change the world…”
“I believe I can bring even more drastic changes to the world, like small fusion generators to power all the houses and manufactures of the world,
eliminating the need for petroleum or coal combustion. I also intend to develop large-scale air purifiers to clean up the planet and develop a technology that
will allow us to control the weather, transforming deserts into prairies eliminating famine.
So I would like you to buy for me controlling shares, voting shares of the companies that I could use to manufacture the fusion generators or very large
“I will do that,” Mr. Haverty said, “but I have to warn you about the political problems you will be facing when you start changing the world. There might be
“Don’t worry, I know. My wife and I have been studying history and politics the last few days. We went through the laws and we remember all of them. When
we make the moves, we will be ready to face everything the corrupt leaders and politician will throw at us.”
We parted on that note, shaking hands and I returned to the condo.
The following week, I called the owner of a nearby art gallery with whom I had done good business many years ago; she had to close her Jacksonville art
gallery but reopened a new one later on. We had kept doing business more recently. I wanted to offer her to buy my art gallery.
She was quite hesitant and I realized that she was a little too old to manage two art galleries but seemed to be eager to make an additional income if she
could. I asked her to come over and meet with my part time manager and talk about the whole deal. She accepted immediately and we made an
appointment for the following day.
“Hi Jennifer,” I said as she walked into the gallery.
“Hi sir, forgive me if I don’t recognize you, I have an appointment with Richard.”
“But I am Richard; I just turned younger and stronger.”
I must have been convincing since she hesitated between her intuition that I was the 91 years old Richard she had met many times over and the
impossibility of the situation.
“Look at me in the eyes and listen to your heart,” I said, “do you think that I am who I claim to be? Do you need me to repeat some of our previous
conversations or tell you about the phone call you once made from a restaurant to a client we had just left in Punta Gorda offering a deal on the other
painting he and his wife liked?”
“I believe you, what happened to you?”
“I was enhanced by a powerful alien wizard, I was rejuvenated and made stronger but it is still me. I have many things to do now and I can’t manage the art
gallery anymore so this is why I want to sell it.”
“I would like to buy it but I am not rich, I would have to borrow some money from my bank…”
“All right let me show you what I have and the sales we did over the last five years.”
We did a visit of the gallery and then I showed her the inventory list.
“So, Jennifer, we have here $1.5 million of inventory at retail price, 80% of the paintings being mine and 20% being consigned Jaugeys. We have
accumulated a clientele, a faithful clientele that comes back every year to visit us and sometimes buy one more painting; we have several hundred clients.
What do you think? What can you offer me?”
“If I get the bank loan, I would offer you $100,000.00 for the lease transfer and your clientele and I would buy the inventory at 65% discount. I would not buy
the consigned Jaugeys’ paintings but go on with the consignment and pay the artist daughter as I sell his work.”
My old friend Jaugey was long gone, he had died in 2013; but his daughter inherited everything he had.  
“All right, this is a good deal. Will you keep Trish my part time manager?”
“Oh yes, she would be very important to me.”
“Here are the keys of the gallery and the $1 dollar transaction document I prepared for you. Just sign here and there. Trish will be your 50% partner though.”
“What, you are not serious? You are giving me the entire inventory and the gallery as well?”
“Yes, my decision was already taken. I just wanted to make sure you really wanted it.”
At that she hugged me and again a transfer of energy occurred. She parted reluctantly from me and she looked very emotional and surprised.
“Something happened when I hugged you and you are hard as stone and warmer than normal.”
“Don’t worry about that Jen; it was just a transfer of energy. You will feel younger and stronger for a few years. As for being hard as stone and warm, it is the
result of what that powerful alien wizard did to me; I was changed into a superman; but please keep that confidential. I will recommend you to triple the
prices of my paintings right away and to keep many of them for a few years. I am just about to become very famous and later on you will be able to sell my
paintings in auction houses like Joiner, Sotheby’s, Christy and get hundreds of thousands dollars, perhaps millions of dollars, for each of the best ones.”
“Oh my God Richard, you are so kind and generous, I don’t know how to thank you. I have enjoyed promoting your work and I thought you were the best
artist in my Jacksonville gallery.”
“I know, you helped me as much as you could when I needed help and that’s why I am giving you my gallery and all my paintings. I don’t know if I will ever
see you again but if I ever pass by I will stop to say hello. Now I have much to do, I have to change the world, for its future, our future doesn’t look good; we
are heading towards extinction. There are many things I can do to change that and I intend to do all I can. Good bye then, it is your gallery now.” I said as I
“How did it go?” Lise asked when I was back at the condo. The babies were sound asleep and Lise was levitating a few inches from the floor.
“It went very well; I gave her and Trish the gallery and she was very happy. I also unintentionally transferred some energy into her when I hugged her. It is
almost automatic like a discharge from an overloaded capacitor. I see that you can levitate now.”
“Yes, I practiced it and I believe we can fly now. I also tried to lift an object from a distance and look at that.” She added as she lifted a pillow from the sofa
and made it fly around the living room.”
I tried it too and could.
- Perhaps we have other powers like throwing an electrical jolt to an enemy. Let’s take the babies with us and fly to an isolated island where we will
practice a few things.
- We will need to bring them something to eat for they need to eat every two hours.
She went to fetch the backpacks; we filled them up with food and milk, diapers and towels and when we were ready, we woke up the babies.
- What about you Lise? Are you are not bringing any food?
- No Richard, I don’t eat nor drink anymore and I don’t even breathe; I have stopped breathing an hour ago.
- My God! Now that you mention it; I don’t breathe either. I must have stop breathing some while ago and never felt the need and that’s why I didn’t notice it.
- Richard, I believe our lungs are gone, as well as our digestive system.
- All right, so we don’t eat, drink, breathe, go to the bathroom or even have sex and yet, I never felt so good, so wonderfully happy and energetic and I don’t
miss any of it. But you know what, I feel very much in love with you and very comforted by your presence. Come here darling, I would love to hug you and
kiss you.
Our bodies hard as steel hit each other with a clapping sound and our stone hard lips touched. We kept them touching for a moment and Lise, being a
woman and as all women do, she felt the desire to induce sexiness. Suddenly we were consumed by an incredible sexual pleasure that reach a peak and
we experienced an orgasmic discharge. At that moment, our clothes suddenly burst in fire and our bodies produced an aura of high voltage static
We jumped instantly away from the babies and went right through the ceiling, bursting into the second level condo. There was no one there at that moment
and that was fortunate for the damages were extensive. We had gone through four inches of cement and the floor ceramic tiles. The walls had been
damaged by the flying cement pieces and the large living room bay window was broken. It was like there had been an explosion.
We jumped back through the hole and landed hard on our living room floor a few feet away from the babies. The babies were laughing at the unexpected
show; they had seen everything and thought we had done something funny.
“Oh my God, Lise,” I said under high emotion, “what you did is indescribable. This was for me the most intense sexual orgasm I could ever dream of; better
than that, I would never have thought it could be so good and I am still shaking.”
“For me too,” she replied, “and our clothes are still burning…” She said as she was tearing the burning clothes off her body, throwing them into the sink and
turning on the tap water to extinguish them.
I did the same, then turn on the large fan over the dining table and opened the doors to get the smoke out of the condo.
We heard the siren of a fire truck and quickly put on some clothes; a few minutes later, the firefighters were knocking at the door.
“Hi,” I said as I opened the door, “there is no fire but some damages occur.”
The firefighters’ leader walked through the condo and looked at everything and was soon joined by two policemen.
“What happened here?” The policeman asked.
“Nothing illegal officer.”  I replied. “What happened looks like an explosion but a weird one for the babies have not been hurt and we were standing just a
few feet from them. Besides that, I don’t think you will find any trace of explosives. What happened can’t be explained. I read though about spontaneous
combustion and who knows it might have been something like it.
We were about to get the babies out for a walk. There was a kind of static electricity discharge and our clothes burst in fire and we were projected up,
through the roof, and into the upper condo and we fell back right through the hole and landed on our feet.
Our clothes were on fire; we tore them apart put them in the sink and extinguish them. Then we heard the siren and we put on some new clothes.”
“How come you don’t have any bruises or burn marks?”The officer asked as he looked at our hands and faces. “Bursting through a cement floor should
have killed you and you don’t even have a scratch.”
“We were enveloped by a bubble of energy, our heads never touched anything.”
“But you tore apart burning clothes and you have no burning marks on your hands nor anywhere on your skin.”
“I know, it is weird and I have no explanation.” I said.
The officer asked for our driving licenses, took note of our identities and called the FBI to report what happened and find out if we were on any of the
wanted lists. Then He called for a team of CSI investigators to do some tests in the condo. A few hours later, we were cleared and they left totally puzzled
by the impossibility of what I told them.
We called the landlord and suggested that he calls his insurance and have an agent sent to do a survey of the damages and we left with our backpacks on
our shoulders and the babies in our arms.
“I didn’t expect to have such an effect on you Richard.” Lise said as she was driving us towards Everglade City. We had decided to show the alligator’s
park to our babies and then leave the car there, walk out of sight and fly to a nearby deserted island where we would practice our powers.
The babies were only three weeks old but they look like they were one year old. They were very much aware of everything happening around them; they
were laughing out loud when we were doing something funny and they clearly understood the uncomplicated things we were telling them.  They were
obviously geniuses and we had no doubt that the organic robots circulating all through their bodies were enhancing all of their organs development as well
as their brain function.
“When I met you Lise and started going out with you, you had a great stimulating effect on me. My God, what a wonderful moment it was when we made
love for the first time and then it was great the first one hundred times, quite good the next one thousand times, but as it went on over the years, your effect
on me gradually shrank to a loss of interest over the last few years. But now, I want you; I want to experience again what happened at the condo when we
kissed. That was such a gift from the Emissaries. I had written in my books that they had sexual meshing once enhanced and that didn’t involve the sexual
act, the penetration. And now they just returned the favor.”
“It was incredible for me too Richard but next time we will have to do it bare and a good distance away from the children. We were almost arrested today
and brought to the precinct. We really hit the roof…”
“Yes, that’s a good way to describe it, we hit the roof.” I said laughing.
We showed the babies the hundred alligators piling up on each other and watched as the guide fed them with chicken. Emiss and Arries soon lost interest
though and we left walking towards the woods. Once we were out of sight we levitated and moved quickly two thousand feet upward.  We were now too
small for anyone to see us from the ground and there were no airplanes or helicopters in sight. We looked down and picked up an island with a nice sandy
beach and flew to that beach where we landed softly.
We fed the babies and brought them into the water and let them play for a while in the sand; after a while we set up a makeshift bed and canopy and put
them to bed.
“You know Richard, I am catching some of the babies thoughts; perhaps we can try communicate telepathically with each other. Relax, concentrate on your
inner self and try to read my mind, try to catch what I am thinking right now.”
“All right, I see an image of a horse riding on the beach, you and me, side by side and you just said, great, you got it but I didn’t see your lips moving…”
“I thought it and you just read my thoughts Lise.”