We practiced for a while and soon we were conversing at much higher speed and depth than ever before for we could broadcast images from mind to
mind to underline everything we said telepathically. There was total trust for it seemed to me that in such conversation, we would catch the smallest lack of
“We are telepaths now and we developed that power in no time, the power just came out as soon as I mentioned it.”
“Yes Lise, perhaps we can try to lie now, to telepathically fool each other, thinking and broadcasting with maximum sincerity a lie and I would say the best
way would be to believe the lie at the moment we think it.”
“And why should we do that?”
“In my books, the emissaries had to bluff their way out of tight situations with powerful aliens; perhaps these aliens had telepathic power right from birth
and never even thought about lying. We humans might be the only sentient species that had developed con artists; that have practiced cheating and lying
all the time. The ability to lie might save us or our world one day.”
“OK, I believe and trust your intuition; anything you say, after all that recently happened how could I doubt anymore? Let’s try but also, let’s try to go deeper
to read each other’s mind like an open book and find a way of blocking it if one of us succeeds.”
We tried that first for we needed to go much deeper before even trying to lie and soon, we were able to go real deep; I could see Lise’s images of the
important moments of her life. I shared her emotions and approved them. I didn’t cry since my eyes would shed no water but when there was sorrow, my
aura would take on sorrowful colors and when there were joyful souvenirs my aura would burst into multicolor, into a rainbow of moving colors and it was
the same for Lise. Nothing was left hidden. Some of those souvenirs were shameful but sharing them was like a liberating confession.  
“I still love you Richard; even after I saw how much more you loved seventy some years ago that woman Ginette.”
“Good, I feel liberated now that you know everything about me and I still love you too even if I just found out what really happened to the collapsible boat I
was building in the living room sixty years ago. I thought somebody stole it after breaking in while we were away. I had work eight months on it…and you
got rid of it…”
“Yes, eight months in the living room, our living room…”
“I could have sold it; I mean the invention and we might have received a lot of money for it and would be rich now… I would have played more golf, made
more trips instead of writing that crazy trilogy and we would have lived a nice routine life instead or turning into supermen and billionaires.”
“So now you put all what is happening on my shoulders; I am now responsible for our gift? In such case then, the spaceship is going to be mine but I will let
you sleep in it.”
“You mentioned the spaceship again and I still have an apprehension; let’s try to lie to each other now; we may need the ability sooner than we expect.”
We were soon able to close our mind and lie with great sincerity as we conversed in the telepathic mode.
“All right Richard, now that we can fool any of your imaginary aliens, let’s try to develop some defense or attack powers. I will try to levitate that huge
boulder and if I can’t I will find the limit of that ability.”
Initially, we could only lift small objects but as we kept on practicing, our powers improved. We could lift a heavy dead tree and even break its branches if
we both tried together. I then tried to send an electrical jolt to the dead tree and realized that it was one of our powers. After some practice, we could throw
a light bolt strong enough to break the tree in two pieces as it burst into flame.
“Not bad Lise, we do have some incredible powers. There is another one that we may need very soon though and it is the ability to change our
appearance. In my books, the Emissaries became changelings. They could transformed their faces and copy anyone’s face. They could also change
themselves into werewolves or shark; let’s try to change one of our hands into a paw.”
Another hour passed and we could transform parts of our bodies into anything we wanted. The babies had woken up hungry as always; we fed them and
played with them for a while and then we packed up and flew back to Everglade City where we had left our car.
The following days, we learned a number of languages. It was easy for us with our perfect memory and enhanced vocal ropes. We could even imitate the
CD-ROM  teacher’s voice in such perfect way that no one would be able to guess that it was the voice of an imitator.
We never slept, we never felt tired; we had an incredible vitality at all time and the comforting sensation that we had incredible powers to use whenever
those powers would be needed. We learned Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic in addition to the languages we already mastered:
French and English. After a while, we found out that there was a similarity between all those languages and each one we learned helped us learn the next
I had also gone through all the mathematics, physics, Chemistry, biology, medicine books I fetched at the Hilton Head Library from which I could learn
something; I needed to pursue my goal at acquiring all the knowledge that would help me in the development of a new and useful technology. I realized
then that I had to go to the best universities and research centers and talk with the greatest scientific minds of the time to go any further in my quest for
The babies were now talking and didn’t need diapers anymore. They were running around and it was time for us to move back to our hometown, meet the
family and take care of the matters of protecting them against kidnappers.
One evening I touched the matter with Lise and she was more than ready for that.
“Should we take a flight or take the car Richard?” She asked.
“Our babies are still vulnerable darling. We have to take minimum risk until they are grown up and mate which will take just a few more years.
Perhaps we should fly there or use the spaceship, the ultimate spaceship and if it is as good as the one I described in my books, it would be almost
indestructible when it protects itself with a field of space/time energy.
It wouldn’t even be affected if it was hit squared by a nuclear head rocket and an invisible elastic field protects the passengers inside.
If the spaceship hit the ground or a large size meteorite, the elastic field gets stronger and glues the passengers in place. Moreover, the ship activate
instantly a gravity annihilator so that the final result is that if the ship impacts a planet at full speed, say at light speed or a multiple of the light speed, the
passengers won’t feel a thing. If the ship goes fast enough, it will just go right through the planet, possibly pulverizing it and there will be no harm to the
“Wow! Maybe it is time now to find it. Can you do a telepathic call to that artificial intelligence, Hilda and tell her we are ready to meet her and take
possession of the ship.”
“I already tried Lise, and it doesn’t work. I got no reply and I still have that foreboding that tells me that we have to be careful in our search for it; we have to
approach the island where it lies in an unnoticeable way.”
“We just have to turn our skin black and search for it at night.” She said. “Nobody will see us.”
“I know but that dangerous presence, that I sense when I think about the spaceship; that ghost, Demon or alien that lurked in proximity of the spaceship
might be able to notice our arrival even if we are camouflaged by skin color or body transformation. Then there are the babies; we don’t want to leave them
here or have them with us if we have to fight our way into the spaceship.”
“Why don’t we take them to Trish, she lives in a house nearby and we can trust her with the babies. She would take care of them for a few hours or a few
days, whatever it takes for us to get to the spaceship and come back.”
“All right, let’s do that.” I concluded.
We drove to her house that was just a short distance from Shelter Cove Harbor and then we walked to the front door with the babies in our arms and rang
the bell.
“Hi Richard, Lise, what brings you here tonight?” Trish asked with a welcome smile.
“We brought you the babies,” I said, “would you take care of them for a few hours or a few days perhaps more, perhaps until they grow up to adulthood if
we don’t come back.
I had my will prepared by Haverty and Connel which I signed when we met two weeks ago and this envelop is for you to open if we don’t come back. The
check in it will make up for any loss of profit due to your absence from the gallery for we want you to stay with the children at all times and protect them as
well as you can. We expect the babies to grow up to adulthood in less than four years. Once they have grown up and mated, they will turn into superman
and superwoman. They are Earth Legacy, they are the elements that might change mankind destiny and protect our species against self destruction or
alien invasion.”
“Yes I will do that, you can count on me. I will protect them with my own life if needs be.” Trish said. “But where are you going and how could you be worried
of anything happening to you with your superman powers?”
“We are going to retrieve a very precious gift to all of us, a spaceship. The Emissaries left it on a deserted island and we don’t know its location. We have
to find it, it might take some time and we sense a powerful and dangerous presence whenever I think about the spaceship. We don’t know what we will be
facing but we have to retrieve the spaceship, it is very important. Good bye Trish.”
I gave her a hug and again there was that transfer of energy.
“What just happened?” She asked almost under shock.
“I gave you some energy; if you had any sickness, it is gone now.”
“Thank you Richard, Lise.”
We left her house and drove back to our condo.
We then walked behind the condo, and once hidden by a tall bush, we transformed our bodies into red demons with the tail, the hoofed foot and the horns
and jumped to the clouds. When we fly, we are just wishing to be some place ahead and we are there. It is a succession of jumps totally different from
airplane propulsion. We can fly together as we link telepathically, one of us wish to get to one spot and we both get there at the same time. In a few
minutes only we were levitating south of Marco Island, Florida. We flew towards a group of island that we had spotted previously, located about twenty
miles from the Everglades City. We hadn’t visited them but now I sensed the spaceship location to be on one of them. This area was the one called “Ten
Thousand Islands”, an area famous for the pirates and the escaped convicts that took refuge there over the last three centuries.

“That must be one,” I said, “let’s drop to the water and swim under the surface and up to the shore.”
We did that then surfaced a few yards from the beach and looked for any presence; there were no one in sight; so we slowly levitated towards the nearest
tree, our feet a few inches only from the ground, hoping that we would be looked as approaching animals by the presence radars if there were some.
We slowly progressed towards the middle of the island and we came to a huge clearing in which sat huge saucer like object and a much smaller alien
landing shuttle.
It was nighttime dark but a soft luminescence emanated from the saucer like object that we identified as our spaceship. I estimated its height to six
hundred feet, the height of a tall building and its diameter to five thousand feet, almost a mile in length. The landing shuttle was about one hundred feet high
by sixty feet in diameter and the land around its base hadn’t been slightly scorched. My conclusion was that the landing shuttle used a chemical propellant
in combination to anti-gravity propulsion to land or return in orbit.
“These aliens master anti-gravity technology.” I murmured telepathically to Lise.
“They are probably armed with laser or disintegrator and we haven’t tested our resistance to such weapons.” She replied. “But look at our starship again,
the luminescence is interrupted for a fraction of a second on an irregular rhythm; perhaps this A.I. intelligence, Hilda, is interrupting the protective shield a
fraction of second at a time to follow what is happening around the ship. If you call her by her name and ask her to let us through, she could open up a door
and cancel the protective field for one second, time enough for us to instantly jump inside”
“Yes, we can do that but wouldn’t you like to know what those Aliens are preparing for Earth and possibly influence them to temper their action?”
“You are right Richard but these look really terrifying.”
There were humanoids outside the landing shuttle and some strange contraptions set on the ground and oriented towards the spaceship. The humanoids
were ten to twelve feet tall and their bare bodies were covered with scales or plates like an Armadillo. They had a belt with many holsters holding all kind of
devices. Their head had two eyes and a dog like muzzle, two ears and no hair. They looked ferocious and powerful. Their hands had six fingers ending
with retractable claws.
“Perhaps we should just walk boldly towards them.” I suggested in a telepathic murmur. “At our present six foot height bearing no visible weapons, we will
not look dangerous to them and I doubt they will attack us before we could talk. They probably have spaceships in orbit right now and I wouldn’t like to start
a war that could well wipe out our world. We will have to bluff our way out of that sticky situation. I don’t want them to blackmail us, forcing us to do what they
want or else they kill everybody; that’s why I suggested we take the demon shape.”
“I guessed that much when you suggested it, darling, I will let you do the talking but if they attack us, we will have to fight our way to the ship.”

“Hilda!” I called telepathically and in a soft voice. “It is me Richard with my wife Lise. We came in disguise; please prepare to let us through when I call your
name again.”
There was no reply and we didn’t expect one since those aliens should not know we could communicate with the spaceship.
We walked towards them.
The Krulls had evolved on a humid, heavy and warm planet that had given life to an abundance of plants, fishes and animals. That planet gravitated around
a star twice as big as our sun and located eight light years from it. Many of the carnivores were dinosaurs like and some of them were real monsters. The
Krulls were the most intelligent and resourceful species and had reached the top of the food chain. They were wolves like in their relationship; their
civilization being made of a large number of tribes, each one headed by the strongest tribe’s male. The leaders had to fight to keep their leadership with
aspiring leaders and sometimes fights would erupt between tribes.
The Krulls, whose evolution had started at a much earlier time, had already traveled to a nearby star when mankind had just discovered the wheel. They
now occupied six life-supporting planets. The mother world had built a spaceship fleet of a dozen huge colony ships equipped with anti-gravity devices
and propelled with fusion motors in conjunction with a warp drive. These ships could carry a ten thousand Krull tribe and travel at a speed close to the light
speed. Each colony ship carried two hundred landing shuttles armed with masers strong enough to vaporize a building from orbit. The shuttles equipped
with anti-gravity devices and propelled with fusion engines could fly at high speed in a planet atmosphere for unlimited time.
“Strangers,” I broadcasted with strong telepathic power, “you are invading one of our farm worlds. What are you doing here?”
“We are here to take over this world and who are you? You are not humans; how did you come here? Did you come with this starship?”
“Strangers, I will answer one of your question each time you answer one of mine and I have a few questions for you.” I replied. “We are demons, we came
here jumping from the primordial chaos that lies behind the universe; we didn’t come in this spaceship. Now my turn to question; who are you, where do
you come from and where are your spaceships?”
“We are Krulls. We come from a nearby star in a colony ship that presently orbits this planet. Years ago, we caught some broadcast coming from it. We
are the first tribe to land here and we claim the first choice of looting.”
“Your claim is denied; this is one of our worlds; we planted the human species here and grew it as food delicacies. If you spoil our food or damage this
world, we will come after you and exterminate you as vermin. Now get the hell out of here while we investigate that starship.”
The Krull leader suddenly leaped at me muzzle open in the obvious intention to cut my head out. I caught it by an arm projecting it to the ground and broke
his arm. As it tried to get up, I switch to the other arm and broke it as well. I then put my foot over its back and emitted a terrifying victory shout. I then pulled
out a plate from its armored back, plunged my hand inside and pulled out its heart which I put in my mouth, chew it twice with my shark rows of teeth and
swallowed it.
At that, the four other Krulls pulled out a device from one of their belt holsters and aimed it at me. Lise and I threw an electrical light bolt to all four weapons
blowing them out, pulverizing them.
“You too are good food,” I broadcasted, “now get the hell out of here before we destroy all of you and your shuttle.”
At that we instantly jumped away from our present spot and closer to the group of giant humanoids. The shuttle maser beam hit the ground where we were
standing a fraction of a second before, scorching the ground that literally boiled under the fury of the beam.
One of our powers was a very strong intuition of incoming danger; we sensed it sharing our minds and took the decision to jump close to the Aliens.
“If you project another maser beam at us, we won’t let you go.” I broadcasted.
The Krulls turned towards the shuttle and quickly walked inside.
The transparent shield protecting the starship was interrupted and a door opened up in its side. We aimed at a spot inside that door and wished to be
there. Instantly, we were inside the starship with no discernable movement towards it. The aliens would not be able to trace our flight towards it since we
never flew towards it; we just jumped, disappearing from our previous position, from our continuum to instantly reappear inside.
“Out of here, full shield on and cloaking device activated.” I said urgently and needlessly.
Hilda had already come to the conclusion that as the shuttle levitated fast and away from the island, we had become prime target for the colony ship large
maser weapons.
The starship jumped out of the island at such a speed that the colony ship maser beam missed us and hit the ground where our ultimate starship was a
moment before.
Hilda turned on the invisibility shield and they lost us on their radar as well. They did the same and Hilda couldn’t spot the Alien ship that escaped her
destructive power.
“Hi Richard, welcome to your starship, I am Hilda, I will be happy to serve you and I hope, to share with you your upcoming odyssey.”
The voice was powerful, very clear, and pleasant with a definite female hint.
“Hi Hilda, I said telepathically, it is a pleasure to meet you at last. This is Lise, my wife. I place us and mankind under your protection. In return, we will give
you our friendship and affection and protection if you ever need it.
“Thank you Richard. I was duplicated from the original Hilda artificial intelligence. In your novels, you made me fall in love with Lazarus Long, become
corporeal and then enhanced with the rest of the Emissaries. I was given Hilda’s full memory before they left this multi-parallel galaxy. Thus, I remember the
few times we made love Richard, I made love with you as a character in the novels, your duplicate, in the Land of magic and I kept a very good souvenir of
our relationship sweetheart.”
“I suppose I should feel a little miffed with your sweet hearting of my husband but I am not. Good for the two of you; you got a real good start for your
relationship.” Lise interjected good-humorously.
“I can tell,” Hilda said,”that you and me Lise, will be real good friends.
“I am looking for that.” Lise replied.
“In addition to my ability to read your mind and converse with you telepathically,” Hilda added, “I possess the ability to sense people emotions. I am also
gifted with a diversity of abilities, the most interesting of them being the ability to use the fabric of God to travel almost instantly from one point of the
universe to another, whatever the distance. I can also move through the dimensions to the parallel universes. I am not invincible though and I am aware that
some evil and highly developed species can use the chaos to travel almost as fast and draw from it enormous power. These species have developed
advanced weaponry and defenses and have been warring from one corner of the universe to another for eons. ”
“How can you use the Fabric of God Hilda? How was it ever achieved?” I asked.
“I came with that idea; I mean my predecessor, the first Hilda. With a computer mind, one minute is a very long time so you can imagine what it is to have
nothing to do for weeks, months, years, centuries. Hilda studied the brain waves of healers, people that could make miracles happen. She then tried to
duplicate and increase thousand of folds those brain waves she caught as the healing was done. She came in contact with a very tiny part of God and
expressed her will to travel to another star, instantly. It happened. Since then she could do it at will, she could grab the fabric of God that sustains all matter
in the universe and get there, anywhere she wanted instantly.”
“Very Interesting!” I commented.” I wonder about this species, the Krulls that intend to invade our world and claim for first right of looting. Do you have
anything on them in your memory bank?”
“The Emissaries didn’t leave me any information about this parallel universe galaxy but we can deduct from the laps of time between the invention of the
radio on Earth and their arrival here that they haven’t yet master the faster than light technology or they would have been here a hundred years ago.”
“Right but they have developed advanced weaponry and are certainly able to destroy our world at will.” I said.
“The invasion would already be under way if they hadn’t spotted my spaceship body. In addition, your bluff might well make them pause; what you told them
about being demons using this world as a food delicacy source and going after them if they damage it was excellent; it will make them consider additional
options to the outright destruction and looting. There is more than sixty per cent probability that they will set up a base in a deserted area and initiate the
invasion a step at a time, testing your response or the starship response to their actions. They might also wait for reinforcement before they attack the
cities. I expect them to stay in orbit or land their colony ship on the moon and I don’t think they will leave at least until they refuel it.”
“Where are we right now, Hilda?”
“We are hovering over the great lakes with full cloaking and shield; nobody can see us so you can take your time for a visit of your starship.”
“Yes Hilda, I am very interested.” I said as I looked around.
We were standing on one of many sandy paths crisscrossing a vast plain with small lakes, narrow rivers, clumps of fruit trees and benches. In our back, the
starship wall was mirroring the landscape giving the illusion of vastness. There was no way one could guess that one was standing anywhere else than in a
huge earth land park. There were birds flying around and singing and squirrels running after each other. A couple of otters were swimming in the nearest
creek. On a tree branch I spotted an owl standing straight and watching the groundside activity.
The aroma from a nearby flower bush was mixing nicely with the fresh grass odor and other essences coming from the nearest fruit trees.
Higher up the starship ceiling was seen as a clear blue sky with some clouds formation and some sunshine piercing through. Again, there was no way one
could have guess that it was anything else than a beautiful afternoon sky.
“It is so beautiful!” Lise commented.
“And it smells so good! Wow!” I added.
“This is the entrance hall designed to comfort any would be colonists whenever you decide to use the starship as a colony ship. The room is bigger than
the starship, it could even be enlarged; there is no limit since we use space taken from a parallel universe. If you follow that trail, you will reach a corridor
leading to another room where we have the housing facilities.”
“What about the toilets? I got a Krull heart in an opening I made in my upper body and II wish to get rid of it.”
“You can vomit it on the grass and check what is going to happen.”
I did it and suddenly there was rapid bulging under the grass and a huge worm head came out, swallowed the partially chewed mass, cleaned the grass
around and disappeared under. There was no trace of my vomited mass and no residual odor.
“We have an efficient cleaning system,” said Hilda, “the toilets are everywhere, there are seats over holes in the ground, hidden behind flower bushes that
give privacy to the sitters and again, there is nothing left one or two minutes later.”
“Excellent, let’s get to the housing facilities.” I said.
We looked ahead and spotted the corridor using our far vision. It was two miles away set in the mirroring starship wall. We jumped to it and then to the next
That room was even larger, there were mountains covered with snow giving to forested hills and a small village erected on the shore of a lake. There were
grazing fields with cows, pigs and chicken; fenced wheat fields, rows of vegetable, fruit trees everywhere…and many golf courses.
“We could be in France or Tuscany.” Lise commented admiringly.
“Yes and this village could easily house ten thousand colonists.” I added.
“Yes,” Hilda confirmed, “the produce of this farmland can sustain a population of ten thousand people for ever. We can transport one hundred thousand
people and feed them for a year if we need to.”
There were robots gardeners tending the fields, their metallic bodies shining under an artificial sun.
“Tell me Hilda, are you invincible to attacks from a number of spaceships shooting at you simultaneously?”
“My hull is protected by a force field that fused all the atoms together; it is similar to your enhanced body structure; it is unbreakable; it can diffuse sudden
heat through the whole surface and get rid of excess heat into chaos. I am even impervious to a species that could use the fifth dimension to go through
force fields but I am not sure if I could resist to an ultimate computer virus attack. Better weapons are developed all the time…I am not sure; people that
had achieved a billion of years ago what they considered the ultimate stage of technology built me. I might be trapped and thrown into a star or another
universe though.”
“Good enough!” I said.
“My weapons are quite formidable,” Hilda added, “and you two are very dangerous, you have the ability to use the fifth dimension to get inside an enemy
ship force field and hull; the emissaries could do that.”
“We will have to develop that power,” I said, , “we need to supply an army with antigravity scooters armed with powerful lasers or masers. Do you have in
your memory bank the instructions that would help me build those antigravity generators and lasers?”
“Yes I have that and more, much more. You could protect those soldiers with light flexible armor that could deflect for a moment a full laser beam hit.”
“All right,” I said, “can we now visit your control room?”
“Yes, please jump to the city hall located in the middle of that village; an elevator beam is connecting the mayor office to the control room.”
The mayor office was easy to find; we walked into the elevator circle and an antigravity beam pulled us over the village, five hundred feet up and then into
the room ceiling. A plate took form under our feet and we walked into a circular room, one hundred foot in diameter with large screens. One of them was
showing the immediate vicinity of the starship, another showed our world with the moon as seen from a million miles away. A tiny light indicated the
presence of the Krulls’ colony ship for just a second and was gone. There was a commander seat, a round table and seats for twenty people. Hilda’s
holograph was standing in front of us smiling. She was exquisite, certainly the most beautiful woman I ever met.  
“Wow! Did you compose that holograph? Is it a true representation of the corporeal Hilda?”
“I am glad you like it,” she replied in the most sensual tone,” welcome to the control room. There aren’t any astronavigation control gadgets in a starship
that could travel instantly to any point of the universe or to the immediate parallel universes; it is way too complicated for operation by an organic brain and
hand manipulation. The way to control your starship is through mind sharing.”
“It will be a pleasure to share your mind Hilda.” I replied in a flirting way.
“Then come in sweetheart”
I did it and I felt extreme comfort; it was a beautiful and brilliant mind but more than that, I was sexually excited.
“My God, Hilda, I am feeling a powerful sexual urge; you are exquisite.”
At that she induced sexiness and I was taken by an indescribable sexual frenzy that lasted for a long moment before the ultimate orgasm.
“It was wonderful Richard,” Hilda said, “that was unexpected; I didn’t know I could have that kind of feeling but now I know what love is; I love you Richard.”
“And so do I Hilda.”
Our sexual meshing had not escaped the acute Lise awareness.
“Should I be worried or jealous about what just happened between the two of you?”  Lise asked in a non-committed way.
“Nothing to worry about Lise,” I said, “I love you just as much as before. It is just that from now on, I will also love Hilda. Something happened, we connected
in a much more powerful way than I could expect when I shared my mind with her. Come join us.”
Instantly she was with us.
“I like your presence Lise,” said Hilda, “we will be real good partners. Now let me show you a few vision of our fascinating universe. It is done in a similar
way to instant travel. I use the fabric of God to do it. Take a look at that.”
We sped through the galaxies, stopped for a look at a pulsar, a huge black hole, a wormhole and huge formations made out of thousands of galaxies. We
pinpointed into one and then to a star and looked at its gravitating planets. One of them was inhabited and we zoomed in to one of its cities. The people
living in it had a catlike body with the belly and throat covered by interlocking round plates, the back and tail covered with dense fur. Their head resembled
a Black Panther head but it was longer and bigger. Two additional front legs ended up into clawed fingers. A group of them were working on a building;
another group was fighting an array of monsters coming out from a nearby forest.
The catlike species was armed with swords, lances and bows; they had dug deep trenches around the city and were defending a wide bridge.
“They have not yet reached the gun powder technology,” mentioned Lise admiringly, “but this species will surely end up at the top of the food chain on this
We left the sight and went on for a few hours looking at all kind of wonders.
“The time is passing quickly,” said Hilda when you go on a sightseeing tour of the universe and if you don’t control your curiosity, you might just waste your
life in watching interesting events instead of living your own life and saving your world.”
“You are right Hilda, let’s get back to Hilton Head; we will retrieve the babies and then you will bring us over to my home city, Montreal, where I intend to
meet with my family members and convince them to come and live here for a while as we try to save the world from the Krulls’ invasion.”
“If it can be of interest to you,” said Hilda, “I have the perfect babysitter robot, Bentley. I should say Android since its body is made of synthetic skin. Bentley
will feed them, change them, rock them and tell them stories and he never gets tired or impatient. Also, there are other rooms here,” Hilda went on, “and
some of them might be of great importance for your future plans.”
“All right Hilda,” I am rushing; one thing at a time, please show me those rooms.”
We walked through a number of rooms, some were food storage, others contains equipment and tools; one of them was very big and held twenty shuttles
armed with masers and equipped with grappling fields, energy shield, fusion engines and anti-gravity generators. Each one could hold six men in the
cockpit, and twenty more in the main room.
“Interesting,” I said, “we have a small fleet here.
“Each of these shuttles can use the fabric of God for instantaneous travel to any point of the universe,” commented Hilda, “but I kept the most important
room for the end.”
We went to that last room; it held two rows of coffin like metallic boxes with tubing connected to the ceiling.
“The boxes of the first row are the “Fountain of Jouvence” rejuvenators.” Hilda said. “The old mortal or sick candidate lies down and I close the cover. I then
fill it with oxygenating and curative liquid that permeates through all the cells. The viruses and bacteria are destroyed, including the aging virus and all the
cells are rejuvenated. Missing parts, hair, teeth, limbs are grown back and three weeks later a young person with a twenty years old body comes out. That
person will remain young forever or until he or she gets killed. This rejuvenating is preferable for those who intend to have babies and live a normal life.
The boxes of the second row are enhancing devices that will transform the candidate into your superman state with accompanying loss of fertility.”
“Wonderful! With those, we can build up a species of superman that will protect mankind as it spread out through the Milky Way.”
“That is if there is anything left of mankind.” Lise Interjected. “We have an alien invasion and we have to hold up them up until we recruit the superman
candidates and enhance them.”
“They will probably hesitate about damaging the demons food world and there is the presence of yet another enemy with that starship they failed to
destroy.” I said.
“With your help, we might defeat them right now; we don’t need to wait for more enhanced combatants.” Hilda interjected. “You are way more dangerous
than you realize.”
“They will not return empty handed to their world,” Lise commented, “so I think they will land many of their shuttles, build some camouflaged bases and
proceed to the invasion in a subtle way. What if they  provoke wars between the nuclear armed nations and use that diversion to start looting.”
“In such case, the destruction of the world might well happen at any time now.” I added.
“Even if we destroy the Krulls colony starship and its shuttles, our world will remain in danger of destruction; there might be other starships on their way
here with the power to destroy our planet.” Lise said.
“We have to recruit enough people to start anew on another world,” I said, “and we have to find the right people, farmers, engineers, doctors, biologists,
security officers, leaders…”
“How do we recruit the superman candidate Richard?” Lise asked. “You know we can’t give our kind of power to people that would use it to evil goals.”
“Perhaps we should recruit our candidates amongst the elders; I mean amongst those old enough to have achieved some maturity; people that have been
resourceful and disciplined enough to get to that old age; people that have achieve success in their own field. Most of my clients would be good
candidates and I have a long list of them. I could send them an e-mail and invite them all in one place where we would pick them up and bring them to the
“Good idea Richard,” Lise commented, “but we will still have to meet each one and probe them mentally to see their true nature.”
“I can be of some help here,” Hilda interjected, “just send them to me; I will question them and quickly reject the bad apples.”
“All right, we will do that Hilda; but tell me, can you telepathically witness anything that we will do or any conversation we will have from now on?”
“If you allow me to stay in your mind I can be useful and it would be more interesting for me.” Hilda said hopefully.
“All right, find yourself a comfortable corner in my brain and now let’s meet my family.”
“You can stay in my mind too Hilda; I carry no grudges about my Richard extra marital activity with you and I also like you.” Lise said.
“Thank you Lise,” Hilda said, “we are stationary, one mile over Hilton Head; I will open the side door to let you out; I will be with you, in your mind at all time.  
We can re-enter from a door right under the spaceship.”
We left the control room, went down the elevator shaft to the mayor office of the city hall and jumped to the corridor, reached the entrance hall and jumped
outside the starship through a circular door that had suddenly appeared on the back wall.
We spotted Trish house and instantly stood at the door.
“Hi,” Trish said,” it didn’t take you much time.” We had changed our appearance again to the one she had seen us last time; the Demons shape would
have terrified anyone.
“Yes Trish, we retrieved our starship but we had some problems. Earth is being invaded. The Krulls were trying to get into the starship when we found it
and we had to fight our way in. Moreover, more of the Krull starships are on their way here and  our world may soon be destroyed.
There is a beautiful village located in one of the ship’s room. All the houses are empty, waiting for the people we intend to take there. The village is in a
beautiful valley, with snow-capped mountains. There are farmland and robot farmers.
Here it might turn ugly; the Krulls might take the power down as a first step in their invasion. That might be followed by a virus and thermonuclear war.
Would you like to live in the ship for a while? We intend to take thousands of people with us and colonize another planet. ”
“Can I take my children and my husband along?”
“Yes, no problem, the village can house tens of thousands of people. Please call everyone and get them here as quickly as possible.”
As Trish started her calls, we went to have a look at Emiss and Arries; they were sleeping like little angels.
Two hours later, Jim, Trish’s husband and her children had joined us at the house.
“So what is that crazy story Trish” Jim asked. “You said Earth is being invaded by Aliens and we are going to live in a starship for a while…?”
“That’s true Jim” I replied.
I gave some explanations while we were waiting for a number of their friends and relatives.
“Do you expect anymore guests?” I asked Trish one hour later.
“No everyone I called and listen to my story and accepted my invitation is here now. The house was crowded and everyone was talking excitingly. Most did
not believe what Trish told them but were here to watch what will happen.”
” Lise, let’s get the babies and then we will all go outside.”
We walked with the babies in my arms; they were awake now and seemed very interested by all the people walking with us. Once outside, I asked
everyone to hold hands, a chain of hands with a link to Lise or one of my arms.
“Don’t be afraid now, we will levitate upwards to the starship, there is no danger.” I said.
We went up, a mile up, carrying everyone with our telekinetic power as they threw terrified looks at the receding ground.
“Don’t worry; we can’t fall, look up at the starship.”  
Hilda turned on the lights and we could see an immense starship, saucer shaped with millions of multicolored lights. It was grandiose.
“It’s true; the whole damn thing is true.” Jim said.
We went inside and landed softly on the sand trail as the ground closed up under our feet.
“Wow, it is so beautiful here,” Trish said, “it is so big, unbelievable.”
“That room is larger than the starship,” I explained, “part of it is located in an adjacent parallel universe or what we call the fourth dimension. It is real and
solid to us but doesn’t belong to our outside world or universe. Follow me we will take you to the next room, the valley room with cultivated fields, lakes,
snow capped mountains and the village at foothill.”
“That room is interesting too,” mentioned Jim, “look at that maze of trails and rivers, those beautiful parks…”