The astrodome was packed with a lot of elders, they had to pass through a scanning room and answer two or three questions:   If we give you immortality,
would you move permanently to another world and work hard to build up a new nation? Why do you think you should be granted immortality?
Hilda was scanning each one and evaluating their sincerity and their qualities; it was done instantly and one of two doors would open leading the guests
either inside or back outside the astrodome. There were hundreds of rejects, all the Muslims were rejected for the way they were treating their women. There
were also amongst the angry group of rejects some policemen, bankers, attorneys, syndicate leaders, violent people, bullies, street gang members, drug
For a few days now, the ship had been hovering with full force field right over the astrodome, protecting the whole area and this ever since we openly
broadcasted on all TV channels our invitations.
It was midnight when I flew over the crowd and slowly landed on a dais set up in the center. I thanked the people for coming and explained to them that we
were in fact recruiting future colonists to a new world and we could not broadcast it openly. So we had used a subterfuge, pretending we were recruiting
people for the reconstruction of damaged Midwest villages. I explained the situation and my intention to start a new nation on a far away world where no man
had gone before.
I promised them that should they accept, today was the beginning of an exciting new life for them. I promised them immortality. I told them that we were ready
to beam them up into our huge spaceship where they will be brought to a village. There were enough houses to shelter everyone.
I asked those that did not wish to participate to leave the astrodome immediately adding up that a $10,000.00 check will be remitted to everyone at the exit
and the majority left.  
Once they had exited.  I looked at the remaining people and estimated that we had about 5000 recruits.
“Can we take our children and closest friends with us?” One of the people asked.
“Yes, once inside the starship, you will be able to call them and talk with them. You will be able to show them some of the starship rooms. “
There was a huge screen and Hilda projected a movie tour of the starship interior.
“Those who changed their mind and wish to go back home can do it now.” I said.
A few dozen of people left.
“We will beam you up now and we will start the rejuvenation of the sick people and the elders in priority; please hold on and keep your emotions under
control. Don’t die on me when you are so close to immortality.”
We beamed them up and brought them to the village where they were directed to their new houses.
Parents with their children had first choice; then the couples and finally the bachelors and bachelorettes.
While they were set up in their houses, the Endeavour raised to orbit a few hundred miles over the USA.
Hilda sent miniature drones  over South America, Africa, New Zealand,  India, China, Canada and a few other countries where we thought the Krulls had
already set up their invasion bases.
The drones were equipped with force field, cloaking devices and powerful cameras. These drones, like the Endeavour, did not need any fuel; they were
drawing their energy from the infinite power holding the universe from chaos; they were branched on the fabric of God.
We needed to find at least one of these bases, attack it in such a way that the Krulls would have to escape in their shuttle and fly to their colony ship. Lise and
I would follow it and enter the colony ship when it would shut off its energy shield to let the shuttle get in.
“We found two Krull bases” Hilda said, “one in Columbia and one in Australia.
She gave us the location of the Columbian one and we left the ship, changing our shapes into demons and jumping from a cloud cover to the jungle about a
mile from their camp.
“Let’s get wide Lise; very wide, but let’s do it slowly and perhaps we will sense an approaching breaking point where we could not disperse our cells any
further  without losing our integrity, soul or mind.”
We became so big that we had turned into a transparent cloud and yet our individual cells stayed connected. No radar would notice our approach and we
flew to the Krull’s camp.
Once inside, we condensed our cells and took our demons shape and started to kill the Krulls making us visible to a large number of them and emitting the
most frightening and evil roars.
They ran to their shuttle and left in haste, calling the mother ship to let them in. We had jumped to the shuttle hull and glued ourselves to it changing our
shapes again to be part of the hull.
Once inside the colony ship, we went to the control room, killing the Krulls standing in our way and once inside, we threw energy bolts at the control board and
the Krull colony ship lost its invisibility shield. We left it and returned to the Endeavour just as Hilda was destroying it.
We then destroyed the second Krull base and Hilda bought back the Endeavour over the White House where the ship hovered totally invisible and protected
with its space/time energy shield.
A meeting was called for and the President with Hilda’s help contacted the congress and senate members to the White House for an 11:00PM meeting the
following day with the mention to be there at least one hour in advance. At 11:00 PM everybody was led outside on the lawn and Hilda opened up its million
of multicolor lights. The spaceship was one mile in diameter; it was huge, awe inspiring and from it came a beam of light that touched the grass right in the
middle of the group. Members of the Congress and Senate quickly moved away from the circle of light as the president slowly descended through it.
“My friends” the president said, “would you like to come over to the spaceship for our meeting?”
At that moment Hilda took shape in a beautiful dress right beside the president.
“I am Hilda, the spaceship is my body; I am the artificial intelligence running it and you have nothing to fear; please come aboard.”
At that moment the circle of light suddenly enlarged to include all the people and slowly beamed them all inside a large spaceship opening. We then brought
everyone to a large conference room with enough seats for everyone.
“Thank you all for coming in such a short notice” The president said from the dais. “These are extraordinary circumstances; we had visitors from another
world, aliens, and they were not friendly. They came to loot and destroy and without the help of our hosts our species would have been wiped out.”
Everyone was under shock, they hadn’t heard about the Krulls’ invasion and they were still under shock from having been beamed up into a huge flying
saucer. Nobody spoke, waiting for the president to tell more about it. He told them everything; he told them that the Krulls’ colony ship had just been
destroyed and two of their secret bases as well.
“Are we safe now?” One of the congressmen asked.
“We believe there are still a dozen more well camouflaged Krull military bases with shuttles that are really small spaceships armed with powerful masers.”I
replied.”So we are not out of the woods yet but I am confident that they will not start bombing our cities now that their colony is destroyed. They will wait for
reinforcement. There might be a number of Krull spaceships on their way here and perhaps some other aliens as well now that we have been broadcasting
our presence to the neighboring stars for the last one hundred years.”
“Our Hosts have studied mankind history and the national and International laws; they have eidetic memory and a capacity of understanding and analyzing
the present situation.” The president said;”and I believe they have some suggestions for transforming our multiple nations and governments starting here in
the USA.”
“Mister President, senators, congressmen,  we will be leaving shortly,” I said,”Lise and I read the history, since it tends to repeat itself; we also read the laws
of a few countries and we prepared a new constitution. We recommend you to vote on it and get it approved now.”
I explained the main changes.
I also proposed a universal sales tax of 15% on all articles except food and apartment rent an a low income tax with no loopholes.
“All policemen, attorneys, judges, mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, reporters, business CEOs, civil servants, everyone with power over a large
number of people should be licensed. The license would be granted after a reform cession. We have the technology to reform people in power to make sure
they will work for the good of everyone.
It would take just half an hour and we can reorient a large number of people at the same time. It is totally inoffensive, there are no secondary effects; people
have the same personality after than before but they acquire a strong desire to work for the good of everyone. Their compassion level and their altruism
increased and they have a strong repulsion in doing wrong to others.”
At that a large number of corrupt congressmen, senators and governors started to object.
“Please wait” I asked, “I will be back in a moment with something that will convince everyone.”
I left as a soft music started and a large screen took form. People look at the images, totally fascinated, not really understanding the images but fascinated
nevertheless. It lasted half an hour; the screen disappeared, the music stop and I was back.
“So do you have any objection to my proposals?” I asked
There were no more objections; everyone in the room had just been reformed without their consent; there wasn’t one of them that did not regret some of the
things they did in the past; they were not overwhelmed with remorse though but they all wanted to do right from now on.
“Did you just reform me?” The California governor asked.” I am a changed man and I regret some of my past actions.”
“It was necessary” I replied, “we have to vote on important changes and personal considerations should not interfere with your votes.”  
A condensed version of the new constitution was distributed to everyone and the president asked them to have a look at it. There were very important
changes in addition to the ones we had just talk about.
There was to be no more long term imprisonment or capital punishment.
Some of the senators asked me what deterrent will stop the criminals if there is no more jail time; if there is no more fear of punishment.
“The reform device will eliminate the need for jail or capital punishment. We will also provide you with a lie detector that literally takes away the resistance of
the subject to questioning and his control of the responses.  If an individual is a person of interest for a crime, the police would arrest one and submit one to
the lie detector and one will confess all one’s crimes. One will then be seated in the reform cubicle and leave half an hour later regretting one’s action and
determined to be a good citizen from now on and to compensate one’s victim.
That will work for all kind of crimes and will result in a very rapid diminution of crimes and criminals.
We can build enough lie detectors and reform cubicles for the need of the country in less than six months; every police station will have them; every
government office as well and we will start reforming the prisoners right away; we will empty the jails inside of a few months. ”
The new constitution was approved in unanimity.
“We have to form a world government” I said, “we have to clean the planet of its pollution and all the countries should contribute. We have the technology to
build small fusion generators that will power the homes, the businesses, the cities, the airports, the planes, the cars. The need for oil and coals will be
reduced to a point where we will not need to import from the Arab countries.
The world is in danger of extinction and the most immediate menace come from radical dictators. We live in fear of a nuclear holocaust; some countries
harboring extremists groups are led by people who would rejoice in the downfall of the free world. We intend to meet those leaders and we will readjust their
values. It will involve hypnosis and the use of our reform devices. Once the leaders are reoriented and determined to work for the good of humanity,
everything will become easier.
I am proposing the formation of a world government and the elimination of the nuclear armament. That should start here in the USA while we are here to
protect you. You should call for a meeting of the presidents of the nuclear armed countries. We will reform them and they will be determined to have it done in
their country too.”
We proceeded to a vote on this and got the unanimity.
“We will offer anti-gravity devices to all the peaceful countries. We will help you start the building of spaceships to defend our world. In the mean time we will
go on recruiting the colonists but we will not leave before the world is changed and safe. We expect to stay for a few years to help in the making of those
great changes. We will then leave Earth with 20,000 colonists.”
“But how can you do that? How can you initiate and get all those important changes through inside of a few years?” The president asked.
“Mister President, we do not sleep, we have unlimited energy. When it is nighttime here, we will be working on the other side of the world; we will not slack in
our efforts to get those changes through.”
“What about immortality?” The president asked.
“We will give immortality to the colonists; we will start anew on a far away world and the civilization that will blossom there will be far different than the one that
will be happening on Earth. People will evolve in an entirely new way, knowing that they are there forever; knowing that they will never die.”
“Can I apply as a colonist with my family?” The president asked.
“All of you are welcome to join us; you will have the choice in resigning office and come with us to another world or go on with your important occupation. But
we can’t give you the immortality if you stay on Earth; the planet is crowded and if we give the immortality to everyone, Earth will not be able to sustain the
rapid growth in population.
We can’t give the immortality to a few people either.  They would suffer the loss of their dear ones as they grow old and die while they stay young. People
would hate them, envy them; they would kill them if they can; Earth is not ready for it yet. “
The meeting turned into a philosophical discussion; many questions were asked and the politicians started to talk animatedly to each other, offering their
own ideas and making plans for the future. A few hours passed and at one point I told them that we needed to resume our search for the Krulls hidden military
bases and their destruction.
We beamed everyone back to the White House lawn, including the president and his wife and promised them to stay in contact.
In the months that followed, we searched, found and eliminated all the Krulls’ military bases.
The changes came fast; two years have passed and the world is changed forever.
We have added more recruits and reached the 20,000 number of colonists. A world government has taken over and all the people in power have been
reformed and work for the good of the population.
Frederick Steele and his family joined the colonists and Lise and I whole family too.
We gave the choice to a large number of recruits to be turned into supermen but no one accepted yet. We told them that everything would be easy to do if
they accept but they will lose the satisfaction of achieving something difficult; a game of golf or cards will not be very exciting since they will always play a
perfect game. We told them that they will not be able to have children if they get enhanced, that they will be feared by the others, that the unenhanced will not
love them; that there will be a barrier of intelligence between the immortals and the enhanced.
Our colonists thought about it and decided to wait for the enhancement.
We wanted to leave Earth now but we also wanted to leave behind us a few enhanced people to protect Earth so we decided to try with the monks and the
I went to a Benedictine monastery near Montreal where I used to spend a few days each year in silence to readjust my values. Only one monk can talk to the
visitors and this inside the library and one more at the admission office.
I walked inside the monastery and told the one in charge of the admission that I wish to go to the library and talk with the good father in charge of it.
“Will you stay for a few days with us?” The monk asked.
“No, thank you, I just need to talk with the one in charge of the library.”
“I will get him, please walk upstairs and it will be on your right.”
The librarian joined me a few minutes later and he was the one I knew. I had met him a few times, many years before. He was probably over a hundred years
old now and walked with great pain and difficulties.
- Father Henry I am so glad to meet you again, I was afraid you would be long dead by now.
- I met you before; yes I recognize you; you haven’t change; you are the young chemist that was attacked by a demon while you practiced the astral trips in
your cell; you had talked to me about your victorious fight with the demon when it tried to possess you and how you imprisoned it in a tiny part of your brain.
- Yes this is I.
- Is it still in your brain, the demon?
- I lived with the fear that when I die it would take my soul to Hell. I lived with that fear for many years and sometimes when I was asleep, my thought thread
circulating through the neural paths would come close to the group of cells imprisoning the demon and I would jump from the bed, shouting in fear, trying to
deviate the thought thread from its way to the demon prison for I knew that if it reached it, the cell walls will crumble and it would be liberated and take
possession of me. But that fear is no more, the demon is gone; the Emissaries that transformed my body into a superman must have chased it away;
perhaps into another universe.
- You haven’t changed, you look in your twenties and you must be over 90 years old by now.
- It is a long story Father Henry, can I hug you for just a moment…; you are in pain and I wouldn’t want you to die on me while I have such an important request
for you.
At that moment I took him in my arm and I sensed all the weak and sick parts of his body; I transferred some healing energy and sensed him becoming more
vigorous. I let him go and backed up a few feet.
- The pain is gone and I feel more energetic, you have just done a miracle…
- Father, I would like to transform you into an immortal superman like me and I have a mission for you.
At that I levitated and grew some wings out of my back and formed a ring over my head held by an invisible hair.
- You are an angel! My God you are an angel…I had lost my faith in Heaven and Hell over the years thinking that we humans were not important to God. I had
come to think that there was no reason for God to give us Heaven for what would be Heaven? Would it be a cloudy place where we float in peace adoring
God forever? But how could we adore or love an entity that we don’t know, that we never met and that is infinitely more intelligent than us? To tell God that we
adore Him would be a lie and He would know it. What would we do in Heaven?
I was in regret of having wasted my life here in the monastery and now here you are; was I wrong, does Heaven exist? What is it like?
- Father Henry, Heaven exist and it has more than one level. Moreover God is interested in us. I went to the ring world and visited the Reception office where
most souls go when they die. I met Saint-Joseph and got many revelations from him but I am not an angel and I will never go to Heaven for I will never die.
I shrank my wings back to my body and eliminated the ring hovering over my head.
- What are you then?
- I am enhanced and I am leaving Earth with a group of colonists to find another world, a world where mankind will evolve in a different direction perhaps and
we need some enhanced people to protect Earth from invaders or dictators. Would you accept to forsake Heaven and be turned into an immortal superman
and a protector?
There was a long pause; father Henry was caught by his sense of duty; he was wondering if God would approve his decision to forsake Heaven. He had
spent a whole life in prayers and meditation to deserve a place there; he also did it for the comforting thought that God approved what he did and all the
sacrifices he had endured. All of that for nothing if he forsakes Heaven now that he was at the end of his life and a short time away from his reward. I knew it
was a very difficult decision and I waited in silence.
- I accept
I walked outside with him and brought him to the Endeavour. I recruited a few more monks and an equal number of sisters. They were enhanced and returned
to Earth.
We had a goodbye celebration for our departure.
Millions upon millions of viewers watched the celebration; we wished Earth good luck and beamed back to the Endeavour. The huge spaceship left with a
burst of colors.
Year 2134
Today we landed on a beautiful world after more than 100 years of exploration. We visited a great number of stars and spent a week or more in each star
system to find their life sustaining planets; we explored close to 2000 stars and finally found one with the right gravity, atmosphere and vegetation. The wild
life and vegetation are not too dangerous and could be digested by humans.  
It is the first world where we feel we would be happy to live on. We will not broadcast our presence so there are very small probabilities that we will ever be
found by Earth spaceships. We will never know what happened to our brothers for we would not be able to find them either. We lost track, even Hilda lost
track and we would not be able to find our way back.
Our twin Emiss and Arries have mated got children and became enhanced. The cycle went on for four generations and we now have 32 enhanced
descendants. In our search for a suitable world for humans, we found some inhabited worlds and a few of them had intelligent species, far different from us.
We spent more time in those star systems, fascinated by the strangeness of those worlds. There were so many marvels that we soon realized we could not
get bored exploring the universe. In fact exploring the galaxy was addicting, it was getting in our blood, matter of speaking.
We landed on that beautiful world and called it New Hope.
We helped the initial phase of New Hope colonization and left again to spread out humanity to more worlds.
We left with the intention to colonize a new world every 200 years and spread mankind over many more worlds.

                                                                                                                                   Year 2335

All kind of thoughts come to my mind as we sit on an asteroid orbiting a gas giant. There are fifty of us, enhanced. We don’t freeze, we don’t breath and we
feel wonderful in our indestructible body. It is dark on the icy asteroid and the colors of the swirling atmosphere of the gas giant underneath are incredibly
We have spotted large beings floating leisurely in the swirling gas or chasing each other; they are made of gaseous molecules and they are huge, some of
them are many miles long. We have decided to contact them and that might be dangerous; who knows what these incredibly huge beings could do to us. But
there is no rush and as we watch them, I think about my life, my years on Earth, my friends and relatives that are all dead by now.
I wonder what happened to our world of origin; is it still there; has it been attacked again by Aliens and did they fight back and survive? What about my friend
the Benedictine monk who forsake Heaven to become a protector over mankind. I look ahead to what is awaiting us; in a million years from now, we will have
visited 50,000 star systems and hopefully establish colonies on 5,000 worlds.  There will still be 400 billion unexplored stars in the Milky Way.
It will take us 80 million years to visit the galaxy if we spend only one week in each star system but we might spend years in some of the most fascinating
ones; so to explore only our galaxy will take us over 200 million years and that is enough time for important changes to occur on the life sustaining planets.
It is enough time for the rise and fall of countless civilizations. So we will never know who and what live in our galaxy. Once we have done the exploration of it,
we will just have begun our eternity. There are billions of galaxies. What will we find? What will we become? Will we meet God?
A new beginning…