Richard Riverin

Je suis né à Québec le 2 Décembre 1942.J'ai grandi à La Tuque et j'ai gradué de l'Université de Sherbrooke avec un BSc en Chimie
en 1965. Mon premier emploi fut comme chimiste pour Peintures Laurentide à Shawinigan.Cinq ans plus tard je lancai ma propre entreprise
avec Anthony Fernandez qui travaillait  pour la même compagnie. Nous avons fondé Encoat Chemicals Ltd.
Cinq ans plus tard, je lui vendais mes actions dans l'entreprise pour acheter ma première galerie d'art au carrefour Laval en 1975.
J'ai ouvert deux autres galeries d'art au Québec à Saint Bruno et Saint-Lambert. En 1996 j'ai émigré avec ma famille aux USA et

ouvert une galerie d'art à West Palm Beach puis ce fut une autre galerie à Washington, DC, un retour au Québec suivi d'un retour
aux USA pour ouvrir une galerie à Naples, FL et finalement à Hilton Head Island, SC. Je suis devenu artiste-peintre à Naples en Floride et
j'ai fait ArtExpo New York 15 ans de suite. Plusieurs propriétaires de galeries d'art  qui venaient voir les artistes qui émergent à
ArtExpo New York ont aimé mon travail et ont commencé à acheter et vendre mes tableaux. Mes peintures originales ont été vendu
depuis plus de 20 ans dans plusieurs galeries de la Floride à la Californie ainsi qu'au Québec et en Ontario.

J'ai vendu au cours des vingt dernières années plus de 4000 de mes peintures originales sur le marché international; un succès sans
précédent pour un artiste Canadien.

Je suis revenu au Québec et ouvert Galerie Saint-Paul dans le Vieux Montréal en 2013.  Du à une santé précaire, J'ai fermé ma galerie
La Belle Image à Hilton Head Island, SC en Décembre 2019 et maintenant à 78 ans, je ferme ma galerie du Vieux Montréal pour continuer
d'opérer Galerie Saint-Paul de chez moi en ligne.


I was born in Quebec City, in 1942.Graduated from Sherbrooke University with a BSc. Degree In Chemistry, I worked for five years in the formulating of  
specialty coatings in Shawinigan for Laurentide Paint and then I started my own manufacture, Encoat Chemicals Ltd in Ville Saint-Laurent with a partner
Anthony Fernandez. Five years later I sold him my shares of the company and bought my first art gallery in Laval. In 1996 I migrated to the USA to start

a gallery in West Palm Beach Florida. I then open more art galleries in Washington, DC, Naples, FL and Hilton head Island, SC. I became an artist in
Naples,FL and my art started to sell very well. I did ArtExpo NewYork 15 years in a row, and many art galleries' owners met with me there and started to
buy and sell my art from Florida to California and also in Quebec and Toronto, Canada. I opened Galerie Saint-Paul in the old Montréal in 2013.
I closed my Hilton Head Island art gallery La BelleImage in December 2019 and now, at the âge of 78, I am closing Galerie Saint-Paul in the old Montréal
in November 2020. The gallery will relocate to my Laval home and from there Richard Riverin DBA Galerie Saint-Paul will continue to do business on line.
I am a writer and a storyteller, the author of the published trilogy saga “Ghama-2, An Afterlife Story” and numerous short stories you can read
in my website or even better, you can watch my Youtube videos; in those, I tell you the stories in person. You do a search in Youtube for Richard Riverin
and you will find them.

In each one of my paintings, I launch my unbridled imagination. Hoping for the best, I paint with spontaneous and impulsive strokes of my pallet-
knife often ending in a much different composition than the one I had planned. I start at the top and as I come down my canvas, the foliage, the
sky, the trees are all done wet on wet so that the colored masses melt into each other. I often feel a connection to a superior world when I paint.
People connect with my paintings, they find comfort in their presence. The paint is unique, I make it; I am a chemist. There is a
soft shine and a
very rich looking and heavy texture and the colors are at the image of my interior peace mixed with my love for the people around me and
my exuberant personality.  I sold, over the last 20 years, more than 4000 original paintings on the international market.

My original paintings are also sold in these fine art galleries:  Galerie 2000, Palais des Congres, Montréal QC; Liss Gallery, Toronto QC; Hyde Park Fine Art,
Scottsdale, Arizona; Lee Hayden Gallery, Beachwood, Ohio; Birmingham Studio, Birmingham, Missouri; Casanova Boutique, Naples, Florida.                                                  

Major showing

International Art Center, Palm Beach, FL 1996
and 2000
Global Renaissance, Naples FL 2000
and 2004
La Belle Image, Hilton Head SC 2004
and 2008
Magnolia Art Gallery, Greensboro GA 2005
and 2008
R.Roberts Gallery, Jacksonville FL 2006
and 2008
Magnum Opus, Weschester PA 2005
and 2008
Artis Gallery, Ridgewood NJ 2008
Liss Gallery, Toronto Canada 2008
and 2009
Harbour Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2010
and 2011
Art Cafe, Williamsburg, VA, 2011
The Bronze Frog Gallery, Oakville, Ontario 2011, Calgary 2011

ArtExpo New York 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, ,2009, 2010, 2011 , 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

                                                                                                                   Honorable mention

I was one of the
five best sellers every year at ArtExpo New York competing with more than one thousand of the best artists in the world.


BS Degree in Chemistry, Sherbrooke University 1966
Riverin received the guidance of two older artists; Gabriel Bonmati, Ron Davies


Oscar Wilde once wrote, "beauty is its own genius." And the technically masterful, luscious and luminous oil paintings by Richard Riverin are that kind of genius.  
Not discovered by our gallery until 2005, we have been clamoring to make up for lost time having missed out on the previous four decades of this brilliant artist's
career. In doing so we have hosted two major art expositions in his honor and he has returned the compliment by dazzling our collectors who now save the date
months in advance to view Riverin sculpt with his specially formulated a
crylic paint in life.  No other artist in the twenty-five year history of our gallery rivals
Riverin's scientific yet spiritual approach to Impressionism, ignoring the basics of applying background then foreground and instead essentially creating a prismatic
Modern Impressionism paintings in the order a great author would pen a classic novel.  It is through the dazzling subtleties and expressionistic colors
of each of his visual novels that the viewer is overcome by Riverin's playfulness and yet deliberateness in his painting mastery.

Jennifer Jones, - Jacksonville, Florida                                                                                      


Upon viewing a collection of Richard Riverin’s paintings, the bold color selection and texturized distribution is what immediately grabs and demands an a
dmirer’s attention. With closer consideration, his palette is working to express his emotion and deep desire for pure beauty and contentment.  Riverin paints
with a calm and serene mind, having a capacity to transform his love of our world into magnificent works of art.

This level of skill is a true gift.  I look at these paintings with a great sense of admiration.  Richard’s diversity is something that we rarely see among other artists.
He is able to approach varied subject matter with confidence and ease, blending the styles of abstraction and impressionism.

Richard Riverin has formulated his own paint
out of polymers, paint additives and pigment pastes. This paint allows for a dramatic texture using a palette knife
technique. The paint is resistant to touch and sunlight degradation.  It is flexible and retains a fresh, wet look.  Richard is not only an esteemed artist;
he is a compassionate and charismatic human. He is dedicated to his work as an artist and I am very glad to have the honor of knowing and working with him.

Jamie Rop Gall,  Curator, Hilton Head Island Art Museum, South Carolina USA
Riverin 36' X 36'''    '' La conversation ''
Riverin 30'' X 40'' A la tombée du jour
Un coin enchanteur 30'' X 36''