Riverin ''Roses'' 40'' X 30''
Riverin '' Seacoast at sunset ''  30'' X 40''
Riverin '' Abstraction 421219 '' 36'' X 36'''
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Riverin "A la tombée du jour''  30'' X 40''
Riverin ''Veronique 36'' X 36''
Taline sculptures
Riverin '' Sous-bois en Automne ''   24'' X 30''
Moreau  '' La robe de Hucha '' 41'' X 30''
Moreau '' La place du marché à Callas '' 50F
Moreau '' Le déjeuner sur l'herbe '' 52'' X 66''
Moreau '' Les voiliers '' 27'' X 27'' sold
Daniel Jaugey was born in Lyon, France in 1929.

Self taught, Daniel developed a novel technique, unique and very artistic. The texture adds to the charm of his work. In many
of his paintings, from a close up look, we see abstract shapes and as we move further away, the painting becomes figurative.
He created faces for his balladeers compositions recognizable in all his people scenes.

Showing his art in several galleries in France's major towns and also in many countries, Daniel has earned his living as an
artist since the early 1950s.

Daniel is considered by many art collectors as the best classical impressionist in the world.
Michel Moreau was born in France in 1940. Self taught, Michel developed a unique style mixing the imaginary world of his
dreams to a very rigorous figurative composition. Details are important and he spends hours adding all these  extra elements
of compositions to a painting that would have been a masterpiece without them. His work is modern with an abstract side and
incredibly perfect.The amazing faces of his people scenes are stunning.
Michel received the greatest honorary title from Salon des Artistes Francais in 1982.

Showing his art in several galleries across France, Japan, Canada and the USA Michel earned his living as an artist since the
early 1960s. Michel is considered by many art collectors as the best modern figurative artist in the world.
Richard Riverin was born in Quebec in 1942. Self taught, Richard developed a unique pallet-knife technique with his own special blend
of paint.His art is characterised by the soft shine, the very heavy testure, the spontaneous feel, the diversity and comforting color
He became an artist at the age of 57 in Naples Florida where he owned an art gallery. Due to financial difficulties, he could no longer
buy art; his only way out of this situation was to make the paintings himself.

With 30 years as a gallery owner, he knew the trend of the art market and he knew that his work would have to surpass the work of
those great artists being sold in all the Naples fine art galleries. He started to paint everyday and destroy his paintings one after the
other in despair. The talent was not there but he kept painting everyday, hating it, praying God for help and a miracle happened. Six
months later, he was one of the best selling artist in Naples, FL and then one of the most successful exhibitors at ArtExpo New York
over a period of 15 years. Richard sold about 4000 original paintings over a 20 years span, that is perhaps an unprecedented
success. He came back to Canada and bough a large and superb space in Old Montreal in 2015.

Richard is also a published science-fiction novelist author of the ''Ghama-2, An afterlife story'' trilogy.
Bienvenue, Welcome,

Il me fait plaisir de vous présenter mes oeuvres et celles de mes amis Daniel Jaugey et Michel Moreau. J'ai ouvert Galerie Saint-Paul  en 2014 après avoir passé  plus de 20 ans aux
USA ou j'ai ouvert des galerie d'art de haute gamme dans 5 villes du Sud. Je suis devenu artiste-peintre à Naples en Floride en créant une technique et un style qui
n'avait jamais été vue avant. Avant d'émigrer aux USA; j'étais galériste au Québec, J'y ai ouvert 3 galeries et je vendais les oeuvres de plusieurs artistes Canadiens et Francais. Ca fait
donc 50 ans que je suis galériste. Je pense que je serai considéré un jour comme un des grands maîtres de l'histoire de l'art pour l'importance de ma production, mon succès
international et le fait que jamais un aute artiste a peint comme moi ou réussi à me copier. Les oeuvres de Jaugey et Moreau prendront aussi une grande valeur.

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