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 What just happened will change my life and yours as well; let me start here with my personal fear.

 I was afraid to go to the basement alone at night, I was afraid of ghosts. Perhaps it was due to all those scary stories that my father told us when we were young; I was afraid to let my feet stick out from under the cover during the night, what if a ghost pulled on them. I fought that fear as much as I could thinking that a scary hand pulling on my feet was no worse than opening my eyes and seeing a scary face looking right at me from a few inches away. That didn’t help! Now I was afraid of opening my eyes in the middle of the night. That was crazy.

 Those fears faded over the years and only a trace was left now, but now I was having the strangest dream, it was so real, a ghost of some kind was sending me images of an alien spaceship landing on Earth and the aliens coming out of the spaceship were enslaving and killing people. That dream came back every night for the last three nights.

 I thought I was getting Alzheimer or worse for I just could not get rid of those alien contacts at night. I decided to try a mental communication with that alien ghost, I asked the question that would come to a sane mind:

– Who are you?

– I am Alteirian, a bodiless galaxy explorer! The ghost immediately replied.

– Good for you; I would love to do that too but what about those images you are sending to my mind?

– An alien spaceship landed on your world; the aliens are Balboars, they have already destroyed some civilizations on other worlds. I wanted to warn you of the immediate danger. They have set up a base in South America and are kidnapping people in the middle of the night; they keep them inside a perimeter with force fields and they chase them as prey and kill them at will or when they are hungry.

They must have contacted their home world to announce their find and a huge fleet might already be under way to your world. They can’t travel faster than half the light speed and their home world is 28 light years away from Earth. You have some time to set up defenses, but you don’t have the technology to defeat even one of their spaceships.

– Thank you for the bad news, do you have any good news? Can you help us?

– Unfortunately, the Alteirian said, we do not have the Balboars high technology, and we don’t have spaceships, nor can we help you to build your own but there is Vampire on your world that is sleeping in a castle on another continent.  The vampires are an old civilization, older than the Balboars and they have the technology to destroy the Balboars fleet. The Vampire voyagers are usually travelling alone in small spaceships; they explore the galaxy to find a suitable source of aura and when they find an inhabited world whose people have an aura, they call some of their people to join them and feast on their new victims.

The vampires are almost extinct, and their home world is located very far away; that one must have lost his way or his spaceship might have been damaged. I think that he is awaiting the blossoming of your civilization to a technological level that would make possible the repair of his spaceship.

– So, are you suggesting I get inside Dracula’s castle, wake him up and ask him to help us?

– Yes, you are capable of telepathic communication; you are an exception amongst your species.  I think you could talk sense with the vampire and get an alliance with it to defeat the Balboars.

– Can the Vampires be killed? How can I protect myself from it?

– Vampires are changelings; they can change their shape in an instant and their cells are drawing energy from the cosmic field. They don’t need oxygen, they have no heart, no blood and their hide is extremely tough and resilient. They live forever. You can’t kill a Vampire with a bullet or a pointed weapon, but you can capture one in a strong box. They could be disintegrated but you don’t have that technology yet; they can also be burned; that’s the best way you can kill one.

One way to protect yourself is giving to your body a repulsive odor and convince it that you can help it in the fight against the Balboars. It must have set up traps to prevent people’s access to the castle…


The communication went on for an hour and the ghost was gone.


Lise, my wife was sound asleep beside me. I wanted to wake her up, but she would not believe me if I told her about the Alteirian, Dracula and the invasion. Nobody would believe me. What should I do?

I needed some government help but how could I get any without being ridiculed or worse…

 I had the ability to do astral trips and I had jumped my body to the Perpendicular world a few years ago where I had met the Birdies and lived with them for 20 years. On the perpendicular World, I had not aged; something in the fruits perhaps had made me younger and stronger than ever before. The Birdies were from an old and very advanced civilization, they love that world, it is perfect for them, and they stayed there.  They liked me and they would do everything they could to help me. The timeline is perpendicular to ours so I could spend many years there and come back at the exact time I left.

 I might enhance my powers there with their help; perhaps I could do more than jumping from Earth to the Perpendicular world. Perhaps I could work on this ability and become able to jump from one location to another at will and develop telekinesis…

 I looked at the fast-disappearing images that came to the corner of my left eye, stopped one and there it was: The perpendicular world prairie. There was the blur and I was sitting in the prairie close to an enormous tree. I quickly climbed it and walked over the interlacing branches to the Birdies village where a group of them welcomed me.

 – We are glad you came back, said Kzurr; but where are the others?  You said you would teach the jump to some of your friends and will also come back with your mate.

– I know but this will have to wait, we are being invaded by the Balboars and I need your help to develop some of my latent powers to fight them back and eliminate them from our

 The Birdies tried to wake up some of my latent powers over the following years; they were sharing my mind as I tried to lift some objects through the power of my mind, and they helped me in the development of seizing the exact location of a place where I would try to jump from some distance. They could not do it themselves and were amazed at the latent powers humans had.

 There are some spatial coordinates to any place and with time and effort I became able to sense the exact location, absorb the spatial coordinates in a subconscious way and jump in it.

A few times I jumped inside a tree trunk causing an explosion without any harm to me except a quick burning sensation for I instantly jumped back to my original location.

I was now able to lift a rock, or a branch weighing a few hundred pounds and move it up and down and laterally at great speed.

The Birdies could not do that whatever their efforts to develop similar prowess.

They gave me a disintegrator in the form of a metallic tube that I could suspend from my belt. I tried it and it had the power of disintegrating a large rock in a burst of flame that left nothing. They also gave me a net thrower; it was another tube throwing a spider web at great speed, the ball of spider web close instantly around the object it was thrown to and solidify to a flexible and unbreakable net. There tube could also shoot a magnetic field that dissolves the net.

 – The disintegrator can be used a dozen times, then it recharges over a period of 5 minutes. The net thrower can only be used 5 times, said the Birdies.

Thank you, my friends, I will come back if I survive Dracula’s encounter and the fight against the Balboars.

 Many years had passed since I came back for the second time to the Perpendicular world; I was now totally rejuvenated, young again physically, stronger than I ever was with all the climbing up and down the gigantic trees every day and all the jogging and work-out. I was quick and I had that intuition of incoming danger that had already saved my life several times. In addition, I could jump to a registered location, I felt confident that with the Vampire help we could possibly defeat the alien invasion. I would need to warn the President about the coming Balboars’ fleet. Earth defenses would have to be set up. The Birdies had given me the plans to build anti-gravity engines and a spaceship, some powerful lasers and long-distance disintegrators. But these would take time and if the Balboars found out that we had acquired this technology, they would destroy all our cities before we could do anything with it. They probably had spies or the technology to spy on us, everywhere.

 I had to destroy their base and their spaceship.

 The Balboars are 8 ft tall monsters walking on two horses like legs ending in hoofs; they have a wolf head. They have two arms with hands terminating with 6 clawed fingers. They are of a sickening green and brown color that unfortunately blended very well with the surrounding Brazilian vegetation. They will be hard to spot once we get close to their settlement, I thought, but what are my choices? Wait until the fleet’s arrival and the destruction of the world or risk my life in a small commando attack of their base? There was no choice really, I had to do it.

 I jumped back to my bedroom in my Hilton Head condo. Lise was sound asleep and would never believe when she woke up that I had just been away for many years on the Perpendicular World; and if I told her, it would scare her to a point where she might consider that I was just too weird for her. I would tell her nothing. First, I needed to talk to the president, and I invented an excuse to take the first available flight to Washington. Once there, I bought a ticket for a visit to the White House that was happening the day after. In the meantime, I visited the Smithsonian Institute and the National Gallery of Art. It reinforced my determination to save the world. Mankind accomplished so much in such a short time; so much beauty in our art, craft and music, I thought, it was worth saving at all costs.

With a group, I visited the oval office, and I registered the exact location coordinates then came back to my hotel room and registered its exact coordinates. I had a long walk downtown and finally did my jump to the oval office. It was 7:00PM.


The president and the defense secretary were talking about US involvement in one of the North African countries’ crises; they sensed the air draft caused by my sudden presence and looked at me.

 – Mr. President, Mr. Secretary, please allow me to explain my sudden presence here before calling the security.

 They didn’t move; they were seeing something impossible, and their mind had to accept the impossible and it took a moment for that.

 – How did you come here? Why are you here? Asked the president.

 – Earth is being invaded by the Balboars, I replied, their first spaceship has already landed in Brazil where they have killed and enslaved many people. They have called their home world, and a fleet might already be underway.  I will try to destroy their base, but you must prepare Earth defenses right away. As for how I came here, let me show you, I will be back in a moment. At that, I jumped back to the hotel where I waited 15 minutes to give them the time to check the cameras and then I jumped back to the oval office. There were now two armed bodyguards stationed at the door in addition to the president and the Defense secretary.

 – Now you know Mr. President that I can come here at will and do not need to come through the conventional way. I mean you no harm, I want to save Earth. My story is hard to believe but no harder than my sudden presence. Please hear me out.

-Sit down, said the president, and tell us everything.

 I told the president the communication I had with the Alteirian. After that, I jumped to the Perpendicular World where the Birdies have helped me to develop some latent powers, we, humans, will acquire over the coming millennium if we survive the present threat. Thanks to the Birdies, I have plans to build antigravity engines and spaceships as well as long distance lasers and disintegrators, but we may not have yet the manufacturing equipment. A lot will have to be done and fast but if the Balboars find out about what we will be doing, they will destroy our cities right away. That is why a small commando attack might work where a thousand missiles will fail. The Balboars have impenetrable force field to protect their base and spaceship. Any overt attack will only cause our destruction.

 I need to go to Transylvania where Dracula’s castle stands under an invisibility field. The castle opened to the tourist is not the real one. Dracula is not a legend, he exists; he is asleep or waiting in a stasis room for our evolution to reach a technological level that will permit him to do the repairs for his spaceship. I need his help to fight the Balboars. He might help me get inside the force field that protects the Balboars settlement and possibly inside the spaceship. His knowledge of spaceship technology might give him the hint about how to destroy it.

 – How can you convince a vampire to help you? Asked the defense secretary, he might just kill you on sight…

– I have telepathic ability, that’s why the Alteirian could warn me about the danger menacing our civilization. I will be able to talk to Dracula if he doesn’t attack me right away; but even then, I might be able to defend myself, perhaps immobilize him long enough to convince him that we should work together.

– This whole story is preposterous, said the President, there is no such thing as Dracula or an alien invasion…that Perpendicular world, the Birdies, all of that is nonsense…this has got to be a hoax.

– Mr. President, how then can you explain my ability to jump in and out of this room? I can assure you that the whole story is true. I need a small commando force and transportation to Romania. I will then try to get inside the real Dracula castle. But just in case I do not survive this encounter, I will give you right away the plans to build the anti-gravity engine, the spaceship and the defense armament.

I will be right back with the documents.

 I jumped back to my hotel room to fetch the suitcase where I had put the plans and jumped right back to the oval office.

 – Here they are Mr. President. Why don’t you get your top physicist to look at them and tell you, his opinion? I don’t think we have any time to waste…

 One of the bodyguards walked towards me intending to take the suitcase. I made it rise from my hand and opened it using my telekinetic power. Then I deposited it on the desk right in front of the president.

 – There is no bomb inside, just the documents that might save our world.

– I can get Dr. Jolicoeur picked up from his house right away, said the secretary of defense.

– Yes, please do it, said the president, he then looked at one of the bodyguards, and you get us some coffee and fruit cakes; we have a long night ahead.

– Mr. President, I need your written authorization to kill anyone, including Romania or Brazil policemen, anyone trying to prevent me to accomplish that mission. I have made up my mind about risking my life to save the world, but I don’t want to be treated as a criminal if I must kill someone.

 The president looked at me silently and started to look at the plans.

 – How could the Birdies make those plans intelligible to us?  Asked the president; not yet ready to answer my request.

 – I am a scientist myself and the Birdies could read my mind, we spent a lot of time devising those. I spent many years on the Perpendicular World preparing myself for this mission.

– I believe you, said the President, it took me some time to swallow what appeared to be the elucidations of a mad man, but I sense your sincerity and you don’t look like a madman to me. You will get my help and that note you just asked for.

– This mission must remain secret, everything I told you must remain top secret; if the Balboars find out about it they will destroy our country before we could do anything.

 Dr. Jolicoeur arrived in pajamas. He had been woken up and taken here immediately.

 -Hi doctor, I am sorry that we had to wake you up, but we have a matter here of extreme urgency, said the President. This man here is telling us that we are being invaded by an alien species and he got in his suitcase some documents that could be used to build anti-gravity engines and long-range disintegrators. I want to know if those documents are a hoax or are genuine plans to build something way ahead of our technology.

-Hi Dr. Jolicoeur, I said, offering my hand. He shook it and I Look into his eyes. Doctor, I went on, there is no hoax here, our species survival depends on what answer you will give to the president. Please take your time and look at the equations with an open mind.

 Dr. Jolicoeur spent the next 3 hours looking at the equations; he was totally absorbed and at certain times he would just walk talking to himself.

 – Yes, Dr. Jolicoeur said, there is no doubt that these documents are genuine, and the theories and equations are way ahead of our most advanced sciences. Where did you get those plans Richard?

 I told him about my jumps to the Perpendicular World, about the Birdies that had prepared those plans for us. The President gave orders and a few hours later we were on our way; flying over Romania in the newest model of stealth helicopter. There were four of the best US Marine commandos, the pilot and I. I asked the pilot to land the helicopter in the courtyard of the false Dracula castle.

 – We must follow a trail up to that mountain to get to the real castle. It is hidden by an invisibility field, but it is there, the Altairian showed it to me. There might be some traps so be aware of your feelings, your intuition might save your life.

 We left the helicopter and went on up the mountain. I was leading the group in case of a trap since I could immediately jump right beside the helicopter if the ground suddenly open underneath my feet.

At one point there was a heavy mist hiding the trail; we had reached the invisibility field. We roped all five of us in case of a fall and I walked ahead. I stopped in front of a twenty feet wide gap in the trail, I had seen it just in time, just before I fell in the chasm. I took a thin but solid rope from the backpack and levitated it towards a rock on the other side of the chasm. With my telekinetic power it was easy to roll it around the rock and attach it. Then, after attaching the other end of the rope to suitable rock, we could easily get to the other side of the chasm. It was scarry though but none of the commandos said anything about it and I had lost my fear of height walking the branches of the Perpendicular World gigantic trees over the years.

 That was the only obstacle, a few yards further the mist was gone, and we reached a plateau on which was erected a very scary castle.

 As we walked closer, we were hit by an increasingly intense fright. It was a creepy feeling; I could tell that the four brave men that would have given their life for their country were just as affected as I was.

 – I am quite sure that it is artificially produced to stop any visitor. It became unbearable as we walked closer to the castle. Let us back up out of reach and sit down. I will try to get inside the castle on an astral trip and then move my body there.

 The four brave commandos were looking at me silently. They had probably never seen a man sitting in a lotus position totally relaxed and I wonder if they noticed any change when finally, I succeeded to move my soul out in an astral trip. I flew as fast as I could to the castle’s inner yard in the hope that I would get there before the fear waves hit me too hard, but I sensed nothing in my bodiless form.

There were ghosts coming towards me like flies attracted by a light bulb. They were abject and repulsive, I guessed that these were ghosts of tribal leaders that had forced their people to build the castle, for Dracula even though they were also a feeding source for the vampire. These ghosts were the ghosts of serial killers and rapists that Dracula killed in his castle once they were not needed anymore; afraid of going to Hell; they had stayed in the castle wandering hopelessly and now they were attracted to me. I have always been afraid of ghosts and it took all my courage to fly bodiless through the corridors and the rooms of the castle. There were antique statues and sculptures, large paintings depicting werewolves and vampires killing humans and various alien species. The colors were clashing, there was no harmony. I found a large room with a 10 feet long coffin sitting in the middle of the room with a stasis field projector attached at the end. I registered the spatial coordinates of a corner of the room and quickly returned to my body.

 – I am back, I told the 4 commandos, Dracula is there. I found the room where he lays in a stasis field probably for many centuries. He is waiting for us to achieve a technological level that will allow the repairs of his spaceship. I will go now; I will jump inside that room and find a way to shut up the stasis field. Your mission is done, there is nothing you can do; please return at once to the White house and wait for me there. If the situation gets out of control, I may have the time to jump to the White House.

 I jumped inside the coffin room and immediately sensed the presence of those lost souls; the wretched and sordid ghosts were all around me; some were warning me, some were repulsively laughing at my upcoming demise. I walked to the coffin and looked at what lay inside. The vampire was tall, about 7 feet tall. It was bare; the whole body was covered with scales. It had a demonic head with two horns. Its fingers had claws instead of nails. The mouth was protruding and seemed to be filled with carnivorous teeth. I sensed impending danger; I was suddenly terrorized and jumped back to the corner of the room. Dracula had suddenly risen from his coffin and was floating over it looking at me with a pair of cruel red eyes.

 – Wait, I came to warn you, Earth is being invaded by the Balboars that will destroy our civilization and your chance of repairing your spaceship; together we can fight them back, I ask for an alliance.

– Now that you warned me, what use could you be to me? How did you get here? How come you can speak in my mind? Your people were not telepathic when I went into stasis.

 The situation had considerably improved, Dracula was talking and my hope to convince him and use his powers and advanced weapons to defeat the Balboars was becoming real.

 – My body was immersed thousands of times in a pulsating magnetic field; it transformed my cells and I can communicate telepathically with telepathic intelligent aliens. I also have additional powers and I used one of them to come here. Some of my powers would be useful to defeat the Balboars but they are not enough; I need help and advanced tools and weapons. I was told about you and the Balboars invasion by an Alteirian doing a bodiless voyage across the galaxy. He showed me your castle and suggested that I take the risk of coming here waking you up to get your help. I know you can kill me but I am not without defenses; I can kill you too.

 At that moment I was holding my disintegrator in one hand and my net thrower in the other one and Dracula read in my mind that I was ready to fight him, I was telling the truth about my capacity to kill him. I was trying hard to read the monster’s mind and there was no sense of immediate danger; he was thinking about my revelations.

 – What’s wrong with your spaceship and why do you want to repair it? I have friends that mastered highly advanced technology. They might be able to help with the repairs of your spaceship.

– Where are those friends?

– They live on the Perpendicular World where I can jump at wish. I have that power and I don’t think you have it.

– My spaceship’s faster than light drive doesn’t work anymore and I couldn’t find what is wrong. I want to leave this world; the sun rays are lethal to me. I need to put sun block on my skin in daytime and even then, it weakens me. I prefer red stars’ planets.

– I have a deal for you, and I always respect my deals; you help me destroy the Balboars base and with my friends, the Birdies, will help you repair your spaceship to get out of here, you will get out of my world.

– I accept that deal, said Dracula, follow me I will get some useful items from my spaceship, and we will use one of my flying platforms to get to the Balboars’ base. What is your plan?

– My plan is to get to that base unnoticed and start killing them without ever letting them know what is killing them. As soon as we can get inside their ship, we destroy it.  But we must kill all of them; I don’t want to let any of them having babies. You are a changeling, the Alteirian told me, you can change shape at will; that should help a lot if you can disguise yourself into one of them and get inside the ship with a small hidden bomb.

– That seems too simple, said the Vampire; they will probably have bomb detectors to prevent it and advanced radars that would indicate our presence in their vicinity.

– They are nocturnal and like to hunt humans at night, so I think we can trap them. I will attract some of them and you kill them. Their cadavers must indicate that they were killed by some kind of carnivores; they must not suspect that they are being attacked by humans or sophisticated weapons. I will kill them too; I will throw rocks at them using my telekinetic power and I think you should bash their heads or crunch their necks.

– We should catch one alive first and get some info about their base and finally find out their vulnerable spots, said Dracula.

– Yes, respectable enemy, if you don’t mind, I will call you Dracula from now on; you are a legend.

 We walked through a corridor in solid rock and reached a large cavern. In the center lay a spaceship that reminded me of a bat. The ship was about forty feet high and two hundred feet long.

I was awed at the look of it. The metallic surface was spotless, silvery with some black design. That ship had voyaged through incredible distance, hundreds of light years, perhaps more; it had landed on innumerable worlds on which Dracula had killed countless innocent victims.

 The cavern was almost dark, I was standing right beside that demon, and I could sense the presence of many abject ghosts around me. I felt the beginning of terror and managed to control it.

Dracula went inside and I waited for what seemed like hours before a trap opened in the side of the bat ship and a small flying platform came out with Dracula standing over a control contraption.

 – Come aboard, said Dracula.

 The platform was four feet thick and had two holes on the front and back ends. I guessed the front-end ones were there to let the air come through some heating device and exit at high velocity from the back orifices. I walked on it and stood beside the monster holding a ramp. The platform rose to the ceiling into a shaft that opened onto the night sky. Dracula’s platform also had an antigravity engine. There was a windshield in a bubble shape covering the front end. We flew west in the direction of London.

 – This flying device won’t be detected from the radar, and it also produces an invisibility field. It is silent, so nobody will notice us. I brought you an invisibility cloak that also shields your heat emission. Once you cover your body with it, the Balboars won’t be able to spot you when we get near their base. As for myself, my body is cold, infrared detectors will not help them.

 We were now flying over London and Dracula landed its flying device on a castle land.

 – Wait for me, Dracula said.

– Why don’t you feed on street gangs or in a prison? I suggested, guessing his intentions.

 He flew away without an answer. I spent the next few hours looking at the stars and thinking about the situation. Many of those stars harbored one or more life sustaining planets and the strangest life forms. Some of them, like Dracula’s species, were cruel and a danger to all others. The starry night was more mysterious and captivating since I discovered the Perpendicular World and had contact with the Altairian. Dracula came back but before he took us to South America, I asked him to wait for me. I needed to jump to the oval office and report to the president the latest developments. I jumped and look around; a body guard had been stationed in the office in case of my return. He immediately called the president. I sat in one of the armchairs and waited. They came in a few minutes, the president, the secretary of defense and two scientists. I told them about my meeting with Dracula, the deal we made, the flying contraption and our plan of attack.

 – I will be back with more info when we have spotted the exact location of their base, but please, don’t nuke the place, you might just start an all-open war with the Balboars and we don’t even know where their spaceship is; it might not be there. Let us do it our way. Dracula and I are very resourceful, we have a good chance to succeed.

– Good luck, God bless you, said the president and I jump back to the flying platform.

 We were now hidden on the branches of a tall tree a few hundred yards from the Balboars compound. There was a camouflaged wall built all around a rectangular area of five hundred by two hundred yards. There was a building in which slept the Balboars in the daytime. Inside the compound, a few hundred people were kept inside a fenced enclosure.

We didn’t spot the spaceship.  Some of the Balboar guards were walking around armed with some strange looking rifles and handguns. There were cannons and radars. An invisible bubble of energy stop birds from flying over the compound. They were hitting the invisible wall, getting knocked down to the ground. I sat on a huge branch, covered with the cloak that shielded my presence from an infrared detector making me invisible; I got totally relaxed and induced an out of body astral trip to the compound.

 I visited the whole compound trying to find the control room and locate the switch to shut up the energy shield that was stopping the flying birds. I counted 168 Balboars, all of them adult, there was no babies or children. Many were asleep in small rooms, and some were watching some cruel movies involving pursuits and killing of other beings. There was a gymnasium in which a group of Balboars were watching a fight between two of them. The winner killed the other fighter, there was no mercy. I went back to the enclosure where two hundred humans were kept for nighttime lunch. I materialized beside a man that seemed to have kept his wit. I had my cloak and was totally invisible. I pulled off the part covering my face and the man looked at it in surprise.

 – Hi, please don’t move, don’t shout; I will help you. You can only see my face. We will kill the Balboar guards, and I will open the gate. Be ready to run outside as silently as you can and run for the nearest city.

 I picked up two stones and threw one at the nearest guard using my telekinetic power to accelerate it to two hundred miles per hour and direct it at the head of the beast. He dropped dead. I killed the other guards, one by one, the same way and jumped into the Balboar’s control room. There were three of them in the room and I shot all three with my disintegrator. I then shut off the energy shield protecting the compound, jumped back to the enclosure and opened it. I then ran to the compound gate, disintegrated the lock and opened it. Dracula noticed the energy shield shut down and flew inside the compound right to the building where he attacked the Balboars, killing them with his fists that he had changed into long knives.

 I jumped back inside the control room with a few stones, ran into the corridors and started to kill the charging aliens. I was jumping back to the control room when one of the beasts was getting too close and kept coming back for the attack. I was now using any piece of equipment or metal tool I could find and telekinetically throwing these at high speed to kill some more. Dracula and I were invisible to the Balboars, our invisibility cloaks were covering every part of our bodies except the interior sides of our hands and our eyes, but we had lenses to camouflage these.

 They somehow sensed our presence and our approximate location, but they didn’t know the nature of the attackers. Dracula had to fly outside the building to escape a group of armed Balboars that started to shoot in front of them. When I saw them leveling up their energy rifles, I jumped to the enclosure that had served to keep the human prisoners. I had registered the exact location of that spot just as well as the Balboars control room. I sat down, totally invisible, relaxed and moved my soul outside my body to quickly get to the control room.

 A Balboar was communicating with their spaceship, and I listened telepathically to their exchange.

 – We are attacked by some kind of invisible demons, they are smashing our skulls; they are gone now, they cease their attack when we started shooting in their approximate location.

– How many of you were killed?
– We have 62 dead soldiers.

– Did they use sophisticated weapons?

– No, they hit us with stones or some of our tools.

– I want a detailed survey of the compound and report to me at once if you find anything about the enemies. As you get outside, start shooting in all direction. We will come to pick you up in approximately one hour and nuke the entire area.

 I flew back to my body and then jumped to the branch where Dracula would be waiting for my return.

 Dracula was there, easy to see without his invisibility cloak. I told him about the Balboar’s plan to pick up the survivors and nuke the area. He put back his invisibility cloak, flew back to the compound where he undressed one of the dead Balboars and changed shape, transforming himself into an exact copy of the dead one and dressed himself up with the few leather garments and belt the Balboars wear. He then opened a cavity in his belly and inserted the thin rolled invisibility cloak. He picked up an energy rifle and joined a group of them outside. I had left my body on the high branch and followed up Dracula in my immaterial state to see what he was going to do and be ready to assist him in any possible way. I watched what he was doing and understood his plan. Dracula would try to enter the spaceship with the Balboars’ survivors. He was very courageous to try that for who knows if the Balboar didn’t have a way of detecting a changeling amongst the survivors they were going to pick up…

 I could not stay more than a few minutes outside my body, it would just die, so I went back to my cloaked body and watched from a distance waiting for the spaceship’s arrival.

 I saw it come; it was huge, shaped like a cigar, about three hundred yards long, one hundred yards high and one hundred yards wide. It landed softly on antigravity power right in front of the compound gate and close to my hideout.  I saw a round opening forming on the side and immediately left my body and flew inside where I started looking for the control room. There were elevator shafts, corridors, cold sleep rooms where thousands of Balboars were frozen solid, cargo space holding unidentifiable goods, shuttles hangars; I was going to die if it went on any further, so I took the exact location and spatial coordinates of a spot in the cold sleep room and went back to my body then I jumped in that room totally invisible under my cloak.

 I did not know if Dracula had succeeded in entering the spaceship and what he would do next; so, it was up to me to save the world. I was their last chance.

I needed to find the control room. I sat in a corner and left my body to explore the ship. It took me two more astral trips to find it and to jump in it.

I was now watching a group of six Balboars sitting at different stations and one more sitting on a large throne was giving orders. It was the high commander.

He ordered the lift off then proceeded to burn to cinder the whole compound and miles of forest around.

 – Release the virus he said once the ship had risen to a thousand feet.

 I watched in horror one of the Balboars putting his hand on a lever but before he pushed on it I used my telekinetic power to hold the lever. The Balboar pressed on it to no effect.

I spotted a loose metal thing and lift it and levitated it at high speed to its head. He crumbled to the floor. A Balboar walked inside the control room and welded the door to the wall with an advanced welding tool. It was Dracula coming to the rescue. Nobody had noticed my presence yet, invisible under my cloak, but they spotted what could only be the traitor to the high commander.

One of them pulled off a strange object from his belt and shot at Dracula without hitting him since he had dispersed his body in a hundred small bats.

 I killed the high commander throwing another loose object.  I pulled out my disintegrator and quickly shot the rest of the enemies and I then shot at what seemed to me the spaceship main control wall.

Dracula reformed and looked at the control board, he was now hissing in rage as he turned towards me. The spaceship was now flying to an unknown destination without a pilot and I had probably disintegrated some of the main circuits. Dracula turned back to the control desk and nervously tried different levers to no avail; he was trapped, and he knew it.

 – Dracula, I can’t save you; you are trapped in a spaceship loaded with hundreds of Balboars and they will soon be working on opening the control room welded door. I believe the spaceship is about to crash and, in a way, I am glad that we finally got rid of you since you represent a grave danger to mankind.  I can jump to safety, and I am about to do so. You will not be forgotten, we will make a museum of your castle and spaceship, please tell me, are they booby trapped and if so, how could we disarm it?

– Good luck human, said Dracula, yes, it is booby trapped and the whole castle will explode if you break in. There is a lever on the stasis control board right over the coffin; you bring it down to cancel it.

– You will be part of our legend and we will honor you for your courage and your help.

At that moment I sensed immediate and lethal danger and I jumped into the oval office.

 I told the story to the president and a group of high officers. They had just detected a huge explosion in Costa Rica.

 – The Balboars had taken the decision to kill all life on Earth by releasing a deadly virus; I stopped them just in time.

– Can you find out from your friend the Altairian if there is a fleet underway to come here and when we can expect them to arrive? Asked the president

– I will if he contact me again Mr. President but I believe the Balboars did not have faster than light technology since they had to use cold sleep for most of them, so it might take a few hundred years before another of their spaceship’s arrival.

– In the meantime, we will build our own spaceships with the faster than light drives with the plans you gave us; we will build them and perhaps find their world and stop their fleet, said the President. I thank you Richard, you have saved our world. How can we reward you?

– My wife doesn’t know anything about my abilities, and I told her I was going to a big art show in Romania where I was hoping to meet the Louvres art curator. I would like to keep my action secret, but I would feel rewarded if you make a gift to the Louvres of a few of my paintings and buy some for the most important USA museums.  I would like you to make a sculpture, a Dracula statue and place it at the Dracula castle that you will transform into a museum and write my story on the base of that statue.

– We will do that. You will receive a purchase order for 100 of your paintings at one million apiece. We will also give you the rights to the spaceship plans and will pay you 10% of the building cost and all profit that will derive from this new technology. In return, we would like you to help us again. We need more people with your ability, would you train some to do the astral trips and take them over to the Perpendicular world where they will develop your powers?

I took a flight back to my Hilton Head Island condo.

 – So how was your trip Richard, asked my wife.

 For her, it had been only seven days since I left. For me it had been many years at the Perpendicular world and seven days.

 – It was a good trip, I replied, I got pending orders for 100 of my paintings; we will receive a big check in the mail.

– How much? She asked.

– One hundred million dollars, I replied with a smile.

– Why don’t you just tell me the truth?

– I will get over one hundred thousand dollars, I said as I hugged her.

– You look so young and strong; what is happening to you?

– That is a story you would not believe, but if you accept to immerse yourself into a pulsating magnetic field set up at 40 gauss and 30 hertz  three times a week for the next year, I might be able to teach you a few tricks about astral trips and perhaps take you to another world. I have the pulsating generator on the top of a shelf in my artist studio.

She declined my offer and I let it go. Perhaps I could jump with her if I held her in my arms when I return to the Perpendicular world. So, I let it go at that but I told her I had a good story going on and I was going to make another video.

 The years ahead will be rich in development and important changes in our society; it is all so exciting.

 If you already have the ability to do astral trips, please contact me at once.

 That will be all for now, thank you for reading my story.