Galerie Saint-Paul

The image above shows the texture obtained by the artist Richard Riverin

About us

Galerie Saint-Paul has closed its doors at 45 rue Saint-Paul West on November 2nd, 2020. We will be open by appointment only at my residential studio at 61 Rue De La Belle Plage, Laval QC for buyers only. You select a few paintings on the website from which you will make your final choice and call me to make an appointment. I will continue to provide my work to a few galleries in Canada and the USA.

I am pleased to present my work and that of my friends Daniel Jaugey and Michel Moreau. I opened Galerie Saint-Paul in 2014 after spending more than 20 years in the US or I opened high end art galleries in 5 cities in the South. I became a painter in Naples, Florida creating a technique and style that had never been seen before. Before emigrating to the USA; I was a gallery owner in Quebec, I opened 3 galleries there and sold the works of many
Canadian and French artists. So it’s been 50 years since I’ve been a gallery owner. I think
that I will be considered one day as one of the great masters of art history for
the importance of my production, my international success
and the fact that never another artist has painted like me or managed to copy me. The works of Jaugey and Moreau will also take on great value.


Richard Riverin

I was born in Quebec in 1942. Self-taught, I developed a unique technique using palette knives and my own paint mixture. My art is characterized by a soft sheen, a very thick texture, a feeling of spontaneity, a diversity in subjects and compositions and a comforting harmony of colors. I became an artist at the age of 57 in Naples, Florida where I owned an art gallery. Due to financial difficulties, I could no longer buy art; my only way out was to make the paintings myself.
With 30 years of experience as a gallery owner, I knew the trends in the art market and knew that my work had to surpass that of those great artists sold in the Naples art galleries. I started to paint every day and destroy my paintings one after the other out of desperation. The talent wasn’t there but I continued to paint every day, hating it, praying to God to help me and a miracle happened. I started making beautiful paintings, six months later I was one of the top selling artists in Naples, Florida and then one of the most successful exhibitors at ArtExpo New York over a period of 15 years. I sold about 4000 original paintings over a 20 year period, which is an unprecedented success for a Canadian artist. I returned to Canada and purchased a large and beautiful space in Old Montreal in 2015. Now, at the age of 78, I am closing it. I will continue to do business by keeping the Galerie St. Paul name from my home studio. I am also a published science fiction novelist, author of the Ghama-2 trilogy. You can read several of my short stories in this site.

Michel Moreau

Michel Moreau was born in France in 1940. Self-taught, Michel has developed a unique style, a blend of hyper-realism and modern impressionism. Details are important and he spends hours adding extra compositional elements to a painting that would have been a masterpiece without them. His work is modern with an abstract edge and incredibly perfect. The stunning faces of his character scenes are stunning.
Michel was awarded the highest honorary title by the Salon des Artistes Français in 1982.
Exhibiting his work in several galleries in France, Japan, Canada and the United States, Michel has been making a living as an artist since the early 1960s. Michel is considered by many art collectors to be the finest modern figurative artist in the world.

Daniel Jaugey

A self-taught artist, Daniel has developed an original, unique and very artistic technique. The texture adds charm to his paintings. Up close it is almost an abstract ,but the abstract shapes become figurative elements in modern impressionism when you move away from the painting. He has created faces for his recognizable ballad compositions in all of his character scenes.
He has lived as an artist since the early 1950’s.
Daniel is considered by many art collectors to be the best classical impressionist in the world.