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Biography I was born in Quebec in 1942. Self-taught, I developed a unique technique using palette knives and my own paint mixture. My art is characterized by a soft sheen, a very thick texture, a feeling of spontaneity, a diversity in subjects and compositions and a comforting harmony of colors. I became an artist at the age of 57 in Naples, Florida where I owned an art gallery. Due to financial difficulties, I could no longer buy art; my only way out was to make the paintings myself.

With 30 years of experience as a gallery owner, I knew the trends of the art market and I knew that my work had to surpass that of those great artists sold in the art galleries of Naples. I started to paint every day and destroy my paintings one after the other out of desperation. The talent wasn’t there but I continued to paint every day, hating it, praying to God to help me and a miracle happened. I started making beautiful paintings, six months later I was one of the top selling artists in Naples, Florida, and then one of the most successful exhibitors at ArtExpo New York over a 15 year period. I sold about 4000 original paintings over a 20 year period, which is an unprecedented success for a Canadian artist. I returned to Canada and purchased a large and beautiful space in Old Montreal in 2015. Now, at the age of 78, I am closing it. I will continue to do business by keeping the Galerie St. Paul name from my home studio. I am also a published science fiction novelist, author of the Ghama-2 trilogy. You can read in this site several of my short stories.

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